Over the first season and half there has been some crazy twists but nothing could have prepared me for the end of this episode, though, I think it should have.


Betty (Lili Reinhart)’s family has been in the center of quite a few scandals but what exactly happened to that guy that came to see Chic (Hart Denton)? Did Chic kill him? Did Alice (Mädchen Amick)? When Betty walked in I thought for sure something bad had happened but I thought Alice and Chic would be in trouble and not the other way around. And if it was self defense, why would they have to cover it up? This is definitely a cliff hanger that’s going to have me on the edge of my seat until I find out what happened.

The best part about this episode was the Bughead reunion. Jughead (Cole Sprouse) use to be my favorite character on Riverdale but lately he has been annoying. Apparently, all it takes for me to like him again is his reunion with Betty. I don’t just mean that they are a couple again (assuming that them having sex makes them a couple) but I loved that they were working together again. And that’s not where it ends. They are going to continue to investigate Hiram (Mark Consuelos) until they figure out what he’s up to. I would love to know what his endgame is too. We have pieces but not the whole story.

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At the beginning of this episode, Archie (K.J. Apa) may not have cared that Bughead were looking to his girlfriend’s dad but now he may have changed his mind. The moment he had to actually give his FBI agent something, he lied. I thought this was the way to keep his father and Veronica (Camila Mendes) safe? Now he’s protecting the family. Or is he afraid that he could be an accessory to murder? I get Archie’s instinct to protect Hiram from getting killed. His girlfriend’s dad going back to jail is one thing but him dying is another. I think if Archie told the whole truth, he would have been fine. He doesn’t really know or understand what he’s gotten himself into. While I’m not surprised that Hiram killed a man that was going to kill him, I don’t believe Archie knew that was what was going to happen. 

Jug isn’t the only character I’ve been annoyed with lately. I’ve been annoyed with Veronica too and she’s also one of my favorite characters on this show. This episode I saw more of the old Ronnie. Her seeing Archie getting pulled in made her come to her senses. She hated her parents lying to her and what her parents were doing, at least what she knew of what they were doing. I get that she wanted no more lies but now she’s lying to Archie and she’s going down a very dark path. She’s better than that and her love for Archie helped her. Unfortunately, now Archie is getting pulled more into it but I am happy to be seeing the Veronica I love again. Let’s hope she stays around.

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