In the past few days, Netflix has been delivering good news for fans of its Marvel TV shows.

First, Jessica Jones, everyone’s favorite two-fisted private eye, will be back for a new series on March 8th. Judging from the trailer, she is still having problems after she had to kill her tormenter Kilgrave. It’s given her a reputation she doesn’t like, but she hopes finding out how she got her powers in the first place will help. Expect some bad guys to cause a lot of trouble, though.

Some familiar faces will be back including Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker, Carrie-Ann Moss as Jeri Hogarth (back in New York after hiding through much of The Defenders), and Eka Darville as Malcolm.

Meanwhile, Netflix also announced Frank Castle, The Punisher, will be back next year too. The announcement was made in the Facebook page. The series came off a successful run last month. Jon Bernthal will return, although details for next season haven’t been released.

Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will also return to Netflix in 2018.

Both shows are currently available at Netflix.

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