Christmas is less than three weeks away, and that jolly guy is coming.
Oh, and so is Santa Claus

Doctor Who’s annual Christmas special, “Twice Upon A Time” is coming on Christmas Day on BBC America. When last we left the Doctor, he was in a cold place, refusing to regenerate. Suddenly, a familiar face arrives…his own. It’s the First Doctor, this time played by David Bradley of Game of Thrones, and he also doesn’t want to change. Both Doctors will encounter glass people who steal people away, and a World War One captain who is saved from death. It will eventually lead to the ground-breaking moment when the Doctor regenerates into a woman. Pearl Mackie, who played Bill Potts, will also return for one last reunion.

So far, the BBC has released this clip, with the First Doctor not happy with the TARDIS’ new look (which has happened before)

Mark Gatiss, who also appeared on Sherlock while writing scripts for Doctor Who, will be playing the Captain.
This isn’t just the end of an era for Peter Capaldi, who had been the Doctor for three years, but also for showrunner and writer Stephen Moffat. He’ll be succeeded by Chris Chibnall, who is best known for Broadchurch.

Get a preview of the show at BBC America’s Doctor Who website. More information about when it will air is expected soon.

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