Will the real Billy Koenig (Patton Oswalt) please stand up?

That’s what the Watchdogs are asking because they think he’s got the Darkhold.

Well, he might…or his brother does.

This leads to one wild episode where people will wonder who is who.


Patton Oswalt is just amazing as every Koenig brother, including twin agents Sam and Billy (who apparently are fans of Star Wars and Back to the Future), and a brother who’s not so supportive of SHIELD because he thinks people are sheep.

Sam, though, is stoked he’s meeting Agent Quake, a name Daisy doesn’t like. She’s also not too happy fans have written fan fiction about her, including some pretty racy stuff.

Anyway, the Watchdogs want Billy because they think he knows where the Darkhold is. They grab him, and send him to a sub that’s owned by a guy known as the Superior (Zach McGowan). He hates Inhumans, and prefers to drink unflavored vodka from test tubes and sniff an onion. “Man is the superior machine,” he says, ” and I am the superior man”. He thinks Inhumans didn’t earn their powers, and thinks the Darkhold will get rid of them. He has two ex-Russian agents who were connected to the Russian Prime Minister that forced Morse and Hunter out of SHIELD. He’s also backing Nadeer’s anti-Inhuman efforts.

Radcliffe (John Hannah) tries to hack Billy’s brain to find out where he hid the book, but he insists he won’t talk. Thanks to a fancy helmet, and help from Aida (Mallory Jansen), Billy’s brain reveals all.

Sam says he had the Darkhold, but then passed it on to L.T. Koenig (Artemis Pebdani). Daisy heads to a nightclub where she thinks a beatnik who looks like Sam and Billy is L.T. Actually, his name is Thurston, according to his sister…L.T. She did have the book, but passed it back to Billy, where he hid it in a very secure vault.

Meanwhile, Fitz is having a difficult time trying to hack into NotRadcliffe (the LMD version). It’s able to do head games on Fitz, pointing out he’s been betrayed many times, by Ward and even his own father. NotRadcliffe points out that even humans are the product of their own programming, also known as experiences. It keeps Fitz off-balance, but ultimately drives Mac to blasting its head off.

There’s also LMayD, who has been successful in fooling Coulson and the crew. It helps that she even thinks she’s the real May, and isn’t quite aware of her mission. The fact that she’s close to the crew gets her closer to the Darkhold. Not only that, she’s getting closer to Coulson. They even share a kiss, which would be a fantastic moment for them both. However, it’s a new version of “Who Are You” from season four of Buffy.

Radcliffe (the real one) and Aida are able to figure out the location of the vault from Billy’s brain. The Superior wants to hurt Billy some more to double-check the info, but Aida stops that in a very physical way. Supes is very impressed.

Back at the base, Fitz figures out it’s not the programming that makes NotRadcliffe special, but its brain that Aida made thanks to the Darkhold. It also lets slip that more than one brain was made. That’s when Simmons figures out May is an LMD, because the real May’s brain was the blueprint.

Coulson figures that out, too, when LMayD betrays him after she gets the Darkhold. Even she insists she’s the real May, or the next best thing. One blast from Daisy, though, changes that. The book changes hands until it finally gets taken by the real Radcliffe, who decides to leave LMayD behind. Hopefully, with some renovations by Fitz, this will backfire in a big way.

Of course, the next step is to get May back. Before that, they get rid of NotRadcliffe, but keep LMayD, for now.

It’s also made clear the Koenig brothers are not LMDs. Sam and Billy were tech guys for LMDs, though. LT should be back, too.

While the Superior doesn’t like Inhumans, he thinks there’s a threat that’s even worse, something that is responsible for the alien invasions (Kree, Chitauri and Inhumans).

Its name….is Coulson.

The LMD arc has been a blast so far, and should get a lot more attention than it’s getting now. Things should get more intense over the next three weeks.

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