Let me start out by saying NBC’s Emerald City is a Keeper and here is why.

This reinterpretation of the Wizard of Oz is set up in many different layers within the two hour premiere.  The creators have developed an overarching culture where magic and science is at odds, and where The Wizard (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) controls the Emerald City and is who the witches overtly are subjected to.  Enter Dorothy,  who changes the power struggle within Oz by no fault of her own.  She is placed in the central position of power that she doesn’t even know exists. We have seen in the promos of this season that war is coming to Oz and I believe it is a war between the witches and their magic against The Wizard and his science.

Familiar stories begin yet again in a  way that compels me to to keep watching.  The Lion, the Scarecrow and even the Tin man have shown up re-imagined.  The imagery and background is beautiful, the story very compelling.  If The Emerald City can continue the traction it began with, the show will be a fun ride.  As I said at the beginning, for Keifer, it’s a Keeper!  

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