If JJ Abrams can appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live to plug his movies…and even “direct” the show…why not have Joss Whedon appear on late night TV to support Much Ado About Nothing?
That will happen this week. More after the jump


Whedon will aComic Patrol w/ Bryant the Comic Book Slayer – 5.3.13ppear on Friday night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with Paul Walker of Fast and Furious 6. Whedon is in New York for an appearance at the Walter Reade Theater on May 29th. On behalf of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, he’ll participate in a Q and A session after a showing of Much Ado About Nothing. The event has been sold out, but standby tickets may be available the night of the event.

He’ll also be part of the Oscar Outdoors showing of the movie in Hollywood a week later. It will be released in theaters in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on June 7th, the UK on the 14th, and more US cities on the 21st.

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