Once we drove down to San Diego successfully, it was time to
check in, gather our group and head to the San Diego Convention Center to get
our all-important badges. Since we’re press/professionals (due to running the
Buffy screening), we got into the line for professional passholders, which
actually was quite speedy despite its length. Once we got our passes, we hung
out for a bit since we weren’t able to get into the dealer’s room for another
hour or so.
We eventually queued up into a gigantic line that wrapped
around much of the upper floor of the convention center, merely waiting to get
into the dealer’s room. Me, I just wanted to buy a few things and be done with
it, but most people wanted to shimmy in there to get as much swag as they could
get. Swag is a big draw of these cons, and the levels people will go to in
order to get a free t-shirt or bag are insane. I’ve seen children trompled upon
just for a free poster a few years back, for example.
Anyway, once we got into the hall itself, it was chaos and
madness. Great throngs of people slowly shimmied their way around the hall,
stopping to look at things and pointing and taking pictures. While I was guilty
of the latter, I had a very clear goal in mind as to what I wanted. With that,
I headed to my first booth. While they didn’t have the item I wanted yet, I did
manage to snag a picture with the lovely Felicia Day, who was signing in the
adjacent booth. I then went to the booth for the California Browncoats to snag
some exclusive items before they ran out.
After getting my stuff and hanging out with my Browncoat
buddies for a bit (I’m a huge Browncoat if y’all didn’t know), I headed back to
the Margaret Weis Games booth in order to snag my copy of the new Supernatural
Role Playing Game, as well as a supplement for the Serenity RPG as well as the
Battlestar Galactica RPG. All told, I didn’t do too bad, and with all my buying
done, I perused the hall with several friends while they shopped around for
comics, toys and so on.
Eventually I met up with a local friend, and we left the
convention center to head to a Tweetup. What’s a Tweetup? It’s a gathering of
folks who know each other on Twitter, a Twitter Meetup, or a Tweetup. Sadly, we
couldn’t get in because…my friend was wearing sandals and he didn’t meet the
dress code. I kid you not, they totally wouldn’t let him in, which was
saddening. Eventually we made our way to another pub wherein we hung out for a
while before returning to the hotel.
Overall, Wednesday was a busy day, yet not as eventful as
the days ahead surely will be. Tomorrow I plan to go to some panels including
the Dexter panel, so I’ll have coverage of that later in the day…if I can even
get into the thing. ^_~ Have a great night, folks.


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