We couldn’t start an intense new season without someone dying, the question was who of Lakewood six would take that honor. We started season one with an intense opening scene that was a modernization of the original film, but we couldn’t just do that again.

***** Spoilers Below *****

AUDREY EPISODE 201The writers kept things interesting with a prank. Sadly, I think high schoolers would do a stunt similar to the one that Audrey got played on her.

This episode was interesting because we know that Audrey was Piper’s accomplice, but we’ve also grown to like her. She’s even friends with Brooke and Jake now. Things have changed since season one, but does that make what she did alright?

I love when writers can get you rooting for the bad guy. After watching the films over and over again, I always tried to figure out which killer took which victim. So that begs the question, which victims did Audrey kill? She doesn’t seem like she has it in her, even though we know she does.

Who’s taunting her? Is it someone close to her or someone new? And who has started up the murders again? Is it the same person that’s playing tricks on Audrey?

EMMA EPISODE 201Sadly, the group doesn’t know that their friend is dead. Jake is the easy one to take. After he and Brooke broke up, it’s easy to believe he’s just laying low for a little. It wasn’t just a quick death, the death took most of the episode. There was hope that maybe Jake could make it out alive, but there is no making it out alive.

This shows season two is a whole new ball game and none of them are safe. Noah, Brooke and Emma may have made it through season one, but there’s no telling if they can make it out of season two alive. Audrey may not even be safe.

I love how Noah is trying to figure out who Piper’s accomplice is. If only he knew that her accomplice was his best friend. I wonder how he will feel when he finds out or figures it out. His way of dealing may be solving the leftover pieces, but finding out his best friend was in on it, is going to crush him.

It didn’t take long to get a good Noah monologue, but it was bit weird that it was in a psychology class. At least we know we’re getting the same Noah this season.

Emma is still trying to pick up the pieces of her life and to learn to trust her mother again. They seemed to be close when we left off, but time changes things.

Emma and Kieren can’t get back in sync again. I really liked them together. I guess it’s not realistic that she would come back and everything would go back to normal, but what is normal? They didn’t exactly have the best of relationship start and she did accuse him of murder.

One of the Lakewood six is already down. Who do you think will be next? Who do you think is taunting Audrey? Let me know in the comments below.

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