The series had parallel stories: Mag and Zone tries to bring down a radio tower in Hollywood that had been broadcasting signals brainwashing everyone, and ordering them to kill Echo: Alpha literally battles his darker selves in Tucson to find Echo. He’s assisted by Trevor, a young boy who was turned into an Active, and a pair of Ivys that have had an interesting relationship of their own. Former FBI man, and also Active, Paul Ballard is also part of the mix, trying to stop Alpha from finding her. The series has been very exciting, although you have to remember this all takes place before the Epitaph episodes from the TV show. The story by is still a page-turner from start to finish, with both groups actually helping each other, in a way, although they still haven’t met.

However, it’s not the end of the story. Dark Horse may have some new stories with the rest of the Dollhouse cast, from Sierra to Topher, Victor to DeWitt. Hopefully, we’ll get some flashbacks about the company itself, and flash forward to what’s left of it after the robocalls that changed the world.

You can learn more at, where you can order back issues, including those variant covers your local comic book store may not have. They’re also available at the Things From Another World website.

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