The much anticipated unveiling of Comic-Con HQ has finally taken place! If you don’t know what CCHQ is, just know it is a one stop shopping showcase for a lot of your favorite geek and/or nerd creative talent to… well, be creative and show their talent. Trust us, you’re going to want to sign up to see all the good stuff coming our way (hello, did someone say Kings of Con? And did I hear someone else mention Con man?).  Go here, now: Comic-Con HQ

And it’s free as a beta from now until July 25, so what could you possible have to lose? Except time well spent and some sore muscles from laughing.

I mean, come on, when they bill themselves as “The official pop culture destination streaming everything you love about Comic-Con 365 days a year!” you know they’re going to live up to it.

Be sure to join the Comic-Con HQ community:

And don’t forget who sent you there – your loyal friends here at @Whedonopolis. Follow us for more updates from Comic-Con HQ and all your favorite shows.

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