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***SPOILERS Below***

The newest episode of The Crazy Ones came back with a bang. It was hilarious, and the whole episode flew by in the blink of an eye. In this week’s episode, Simon and crew are trying to land a contract with a cat food company, and specifically hire a quantitative analyst to help create the campaign. While this is happening, the crew is also taking care of a cat named Princess, who Sydney ends up bonding with while also feeling scared of becoming a cat lady who will never find love and settle down.

This episode of The Crazy Ones was outrageous, over the top, and had me crying from laughing at the dialogue. One of my favorite moments actually happened a couple times throughout the episode. While Sydney bonded with Princess, and was denying it to Lauren, Lauren picked up the cat and started baby talking to it about what the cat could do. It was creepy, but also hilarious, especially when the camera panned to the reactions of everyone else in the office who heard her. Sydney’s look of awe, horror, and terror was perfect, and my face probably matched when I first saw the scene. Due to comments Lauren has made in this and past episodes, I really can’t wait to learn more about her and her past. I’m sure it’s delightfully scandalous.

Another favorite moment of mine was the main set up of the episode, where Simon and the new quantitative analyst (called a quant in the episode) embark on a bet to see who can create a better ad. Simon’s ad isn’t chosen, and after everyone takes a second look at the ad, Simon points out why they chose the alternative ad and how it was geared towards them to make them subconsciously prefer that ad. For me, that scene reminded me of some of the PR classes I’ve taken and the points we were told to focus on in order to properly promote a message that is effective. It also didn’t hurt to see Zach, Andrew, and Sydney’s reactions when they realized how they had been taken in by the ad.

One thing that did bug me a bit in the episode, though, was the focus on Sydney as a single professional woman and her desperation to be in a relationship. While I completely understand and identify with wanting to find that special someone, the way the stereotype of women becoming cat lovers at the lack of a relationship felt derogatory and I didn’t enjoy it. However, I did like that the writers did slightly twist that at the end of the episode. It added an uplifting tone to the end of the episode, even if it pushes away from the pairing I’d like to see Sydney in.

All in all, “Simon Roberts Was Here” is one of my favorite episodes of The Crazy Ones thus far, and I look forward to seeing next week’s new episode.  This one flew by, and I couldn’t believe it ended so quickly. I also find myself still waiting for a season 2 renewal announcement, which I hope will be forthcoming from CBS.

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