Klaus has spent most of his vampire life running and making enemies, is that finally coming back to haunt him?

***** Spoilers Below *****

Klaus wasn’t the only one worried about old foes coming to seek their revenge on him. I was worried, too. Freya and Elijah thought he was just being paranoid. They know their brother, so they should have known trouble was coming.

OR315B_0056bI was expecting more to come all at once, but instead only one came to find out if there was a way to kill Klaus and there’s still one white oak bullet left. Once again he has to run for his life.

Vincent is the person that has the last bullet. Will he use it? He hates Klaus too, so he might help kill him. The ancestors told him where it was for a reason. They may want Klaus dead, too. Just another enemy for Klaus to be running from.

Now we know why Klaus was gone when Caroline came looking for him. The questions still remains, will he resurface to help her?

Davina finally brought her Kol back and he spent the day with his family. They did need him after all. Are we actually going to get to see more of Kol this time around? We didn’t get to know him as well the first time. We just knew, as Davina said, he was psychotic.

OR315A_0048bThat appears to go deeper than just that. He has no self control. Is this something he can work on for Davina? Stefan manages to control his ripper urges, most of the time. If Damon can tame himself for a girl, but it has to be THE girl, I think Kol can, too.

I like who Kol is with Davina, so I hope they keep him around for, at least, a little bit.

While Klaus is running off another brother is reappearing, Finn. Why has Finn returned? Will he go after Klaus too?

It’s been heartbreaking to watch Hayley and it just got even worse. She was killing every last vampire that killed Jackson. Elijah was rightfully upset because that was just going to start a war with the Strix. Not only did he conceal what she did, he also finished the list for her. Elijah is always so chivalrous.

Hayley finally told Elijah she loved him, just to leave and say she was letting go of him. She can say she’s letting go all she likes, but even Elijah said he tried and couldn’t. I think these two will find their way back to each other. It just might be a while.

Cami is also wanting to let go of Klaus. She’s too afraid that he still loves Aurora, so now she’s going to kill her. I definitely think she’s more afraid of Klaus’ feelings than Aurora coming after her. She’s not thinking clearly. She can’t just kill her. She’s not strong enough yet. If she really wants to face her, she has to get stronger first.

Do you think Klaus was right to go on the run again? Should he have stayed and fought? What do you think Cami is more afraid of, Aurora coming after her or Klaus still being love with Aurora? Let know know in the comments below.

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