We’ve known for a while now that Steroline was doomed, we just didn’t know how it happened. There’s nothing that can prepare you for the end, only hope that maybe one day they will be reunited.

**********Spoilers Below***********

When we saw the flash forward that Valarie and Stefan were together, I just assumed that Valarie had something to do with breaking Steroline up. I was wrong. It didn’t have anything to do with her. It was all to do with the huntress. Now, I really don’t like her.

The Vampire Diaries -- "This Woman's Work" -- Image Number: VD713a_0193.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Paul Wesley as Stefan and Candice King as Caroline -- Photo: Carin Baer/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.We can blame all of this on Damon if we like, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. He couldn’t let Bonnie die. He could have told Bonnie the truth before they even walked into the trap, but I’m so glad he didn’t. There was nothing to tell. No need to get Bonnie mad at him when it was all hallucinations.

Even if he did burn Elena, and thankfully that wasn’t the case, it wasn’t his fault. He had no idea what was real and what wasn’t. He was so messed up. He can’t be held accountable for what he did in that state.

Enzo surprises me again and again. He is mostly out for himself, but when it comes to Damon, he seems to always pull through. I still want to know what he wanted with the huntress. I guess that’s a story for another time.

Enzo protected Elena for Damon. I’m glad Tyler and Enzo knew what they were doing. I just wish they didn’t take so long to tell Damon that he didn’t kill Elena.

It’s hard not to understand where Rayna is coming from. Julian made her kill her own father and she grew up with a dad that was in the brotherhood. Of course she hates vampires.

Julian deserved to die and I almost wish Rayna got to do it instead. I think that was one of the worst things he did.

VD713_0061bRayna is an interesting character with an interesting background. I don’t know if she’s as good a villain as Kai or Klaus yet, though.

There was just something about those two villains that made you love them, despite them trying to kill off your favorite characters.

Rayna has torn apart Steroline and is still coming after Stefan, so I’m not a fan, yet.

It does always seem to be Stefan saving the day, but he wouldn’t be Stefan if he wasn’t always saving the day.

If we didn’t already know that Caroline was going to be fine in the future, this episode would have made me very nervous. The twins made it very difficult for them. If they are that powerful and they weren’t even born yet, how are they going to be as they get older? It’s a good thing they have Caroline and Alaric guiding them, because they could be some pretty scary witches.

Looks like the future has Caroline going to Klaus for help. That interesting bond between them will never be broken. Even in the future, he’ll still be there to help her.

It will be interesting to see how they incorporate that into the story. New Orleans has it’s own story line going on completely disconnected to what’s going on in Mystic Falls. How will they blend these two worlds together?

Do you like Rayna yet or is she not living up to Klaus and Kai? How do you feel now that Steroline has been torn apart. Let me know in the comments below? 

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