The Mikaelsons have lived a thousand years and have only been afraid of Mikael, now they have a lot more to be afraid of.

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As we get closer and closer to this spell, I’m more torn about it. It means that no vampires will ever have to be afraid of their sires getting killed, but it also means that a lot more people will be coming for the Mikaelsons.

OR313a_0048bAs many bad things as the Mikaelsons have done, I like them. They are such great, complex characters.

Julie Plec is really raising the bar this season. We had a scare with Cami, then Jackson died, then Hayley was a target. Now, all of the Mikaelsons are going to be very vulnerable.

Marcel needs to be very careful. He’s supposed to be working with Elijah, but he’s given the Strix Jackson’s heart. While I hate that Hayley is upset, did Marcel have a choice? Aya was going to come back for him and Hayley if he didn’t come up with something. She wouldn’t have stopped until she had Hayley’s heart.

Making enemies of the Original family is never a wise idea. Even if the Strix break the sire lines, the Mikaelsons are still powerful and can come after them.

Marcel was right, killing Hayley would have started a war, but doesn’t taking Jackson’s heart do the same thing? Elijah, Klaus and Freya are preparing for war.

Before everything started to fall apart, we got some great bonding between Cami and Hayley. There’s been a lot of things Cami has picked up on very quickly, but she’s never been a fighter. One fighting session with Hayley won’t make her invincible, but it may be what she needed to get her back to herself. Or, at least, who she’s going to be as a vampire. She’s a lot less angry now. That’s a start.

Is Kol ever coming back or are we forever just going to get glimpses of him? He doesn’t think he’s coming back. But, Davina will stop at nothing to bring him back.

I like what Davina has done to Kol. He didn’t care about anything before her. Now he’s just looking out for her. It’s a totally different side of him.

I hope Davina finds a way to bring him back. They are so sweet together. I don’t know if her current coven will be the answer, though. Kol said Aya doesn’t keep her promises. Can Davina do it alone? She’s a powerful and resourceful girl. I’m sure she can find a way. Maybe Freya can help. Rebekah was trying to find a way, but the prophecy interrupted that. Maybe the Mikaelsons are her answer.

Do you think Davina will ever bring Kol back? Did Marcel just start a war by taking Jackson’s heart? Let me know in the comments below. 

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