If it wasn’t for the flash forwards, I’d be terrified for just about everyone. No one seems to be safe, luckily we know who will, at least, be alive in the future. So, we can rest a little easy. The state of their well being is another question.

*** Spoilers Below ***

Is it wrong that I was enjoying bad Damon at the beginning? Of course, it was much deeper than him just being bad. Valarie was right, he did have a death wish. He wanted to punish himself for killing Elena. I wonder when we, and he, and will find out how Elena survived that mishap. And, of course, how Tyler survived, too.

TVD712C_0330_0361.raDamon’s layers just keep getting better and better this season. Damon has always been one of my favorite characters, but I’m loving him even more. He really just doesn’t know how to live without Elena.

He’s done a lot of bad things over the years and he doesn’t really feel remorse over any of it, but killing Elena is cutting him so deep. You know it’s the worst kind of pain when he doesn’t want to switch his humanity off, he wants to feel every last ounce of pain and inflict even more.

I just loved that scene with Stefan and Damon. Stefan was so terrified of Damon turning off his switch that he didn’t realize just how bad it was. Turning of his humanity was the least of his worries. Stefan has to find a way to get through to him, Elena would want Damon to forgive himself and move on.

Of course, someone needs to discover that Elena is still alive. Then Damon can forgive himself and start to heal.

We’ve known that Stefan and Caroline are doomed, but we just don’t know how exactly they end up breaking up. It’s starting to become very clear. While Caroline is desiccating, Stefan is fulfilling his revenge on Julian.

While I get that destroying Damon just pushed Stefan over the edge, he didn’t do it just for Damon. Now it becomes clear how Valarie and Stefan bond again. It just breaks my heart. I’ve waited for Steroline for years and now they are being torn apart. But, I won’t lose hope for them. As long they live happily ever after when the show ends, I’ll be happy.

Even if Caroline is fine in the future, I’m still concerned about her now. She’s desiccating and Stefan is seeking revenge that won’t fix anything. His unborn child is still dead, Valarie is still a heretic and Damon still needs saving.

The huntress is finally revealed. My question is: what does Enzo have to do with her? Why did he want to find her so badly? Is he seeking revenge for Lily?

Rayna Cruz is the huntress everyone is terrified of. For a moment it seemed like she was just an old lady waiting to die, but there’s so much more to her than meets the eye. She seems to have risen from the ashes again. It’s unclear why she’s after Stefan in particular, but she’s back.

Should everyone be as afraid of her as they are? Clearly in the future they should be, but she didn’t actually send those post cards. 

Through it all we got some fun in this episode. This new cop girl could be Matt’s love interest. They seem to be really hitting it off. On the other hand, flash forward to the future and he’s helping the huntress get Stefan. He has a dark path ahead of him, but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to the journey.

Do you think Stefan killing Julian has anything to do with what tears him and Caroline apart? How do you think Enzo knows the huntress and what are his motives? Let me know in the comments below.

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