For all the deception and distractions, the Mikaelsons may just be in a bigger mess than they were before. Could they be standing alone?

************Spoilers Below**************

The biggest twist of the night wasn’t Aurora taking the white oak, it was Aya discovering a way to free them all from the Original family.

OR312a_0091bDepending on what side you fall on in this impending war, will depend on how this makes you feel. It’s great for all the sires lines. They no longer have to worry if their sire lives or dies, but if you are a fan of any of the Mikaelsons, this may make you a little nervous.

At least before you could take comfort in the fact that there were many vampires protecting their sires. Now it’s each to their own. This prophecy is getting deadlier by the minute.

Davina desperately wanted a way to free her friends from Klaus. It won’t take much convincing her to do the spell. She’ll happily do it. Then she will probably try to kill Klaus, that is, if she still holds resentment towards him.

What will Marcel do? I’m sure he would happily like to save his own skin and free himself from Klaus, but he actually has a good thing going with Elijah. I’m loving the deceptive bromance that they have going on right now. It’s one of my favorite bromances ever.

OR312b_0203bI love how great Marcel has been this season, whether it’s been working with the Mikaelson family, against or completely separate, he’s been on top of his game. He did learn from the best after all.

Elijah and Marcel played a fast one on the Strix. Now Marcel is their new leader and Elijah still has his inside man, but what will Marcel do now? Will he side with the Strix or will he still work with Elijah?

As much as I hate the white oak being taken, I think Cami needed a little shock. She still cares for Klaus and she doesn’t want to see him killed. This could level her out a little. She’s a great newbie vamp, but she still needs to figure out who she is now. She’s tough and fierce, but I’d love to see her caring side come out again.

Cami will do anything to protect herself, but will her dark objects be enough up again Aurora? She’s a little mental and you don’t know which original she is targeting. Cami may be in over her head.

Davina on the other hand may be exactly where she needs to be. She’s finally with a coven of witches that can not only help her bring Kol back, but help her free her friends from Klaus.

It’s so nice to see Davina back in action, even if she did have a little set back. It doesn’t surprise me that Davina would get burdened with the knowledge of the weapon. Elijah is not going to just kill her.

For all the Mikaelsons faults, they do have have some boundaries when it comes to killing people. Klaus has definitely killed for less than what Cami did, but he loves her. So she will get a pass.

Do you think Marcel will side with Elijah or the Strix? Will the sire lines be free from their sires by the end of the season? Let me know in the comments below.

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