With each episode it feels more and more like the liars are back in high school. They may have jobs, boyfriends and a fiancé, but old habits really die hard. The ladies are back to their old ways.

*** Spoilers Below ***

I have to start with Team Sparia because Spencer and Aria are my two favorite characters. I loved when they teamed up in season two and I was so happy to see them together again. Looks like their adventure will be continued next week.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.07.21 PMThis is even a bigger adventure then just sneaking into the motel lobby when the clerk was gone. Sara has made an entire lair for herself and next week we get to explore it.

Breaking into a hotel room is definitely one of their old habits. Apparently, Spencer did some breaking and entering in college, too. I wonder what that had to do with, seeing has there was no ‘A’ then.

Not that any of this was good when they were in high school, but now they can get in some serious trouble. If Spencer gets caught it will affect more than just her. Mrs. Hastings is campaigning after all.

It didn’t take her very long to take Yvonne’s phone and run. I feel like ‘A’ probably had something to do with the mix up. That was something Charlotte and Mona did a lot. I don’t think we have to point fingers at Yvonne.

There’s a fine line they don’t want to cross here. They may be looking for ‘A’ clues, but if they get caught, it could have serious consequences for Mrs. Hastings’ campaign.

Spencer’s mom may be staying out of all things ‘A’, but Hanna’s mom is in deep, once again. She won’t admit she stole the hard drive, but Hanna didn’t own up to it right away either.

Ca0VXbRUsAELr3dI’m so happy Caleb is on Team Liars from the beginning this time. They kept so many secrets before when they had guys that could help. Of course, they should have been going to the police right away, but that’s another story.

The liars are setting up their offense much earlier this time. Caleb not only gave ‘A’ a fake hard drive, but he had a message for him/her: “If you can change the rules, so can we.” We’ll have to see how ‘A’ reacts to this threat, but I’m so happy they are upping their game.

While the liars are hunting ‘A’, Ali is trying to get back to normal. This isn’t easy to do when Sara is lurking around. I never trusted Sara. I always had a question mark when it came to her.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.08.39 PMThe writers wouldn’t let us know one way or another about what her motives were until she was revealed as Red Coat. This time around, we do see she has ulterior motives, but she may also still have cared for Charlotte.

She seemed so genuine when talking to Ali. I do believe that she could be hurt by Charlotte’s death, but I also think there’s a lot more going on. Why is she just staying in a hotel in Rosewood? The funeral is done, why isn’t she going home?

Was Sara in Emily’s hospital room or was it just the amnesia mixed with Emily’s PTSD? It could be either way with this show.

You may be tired of me saying that I’m not shipping these couples. Apparently, Hanna isn’t either. Did you see how uncomfortable she looked when she was with Caleb and Spencer. Hanna, if you still have feelings for him, why are you getting married to someone else?

It’s little things like that that give me hope. Are the writers really giving us hope or are they just keeping us guessing?

Were you happy Team Sparia was reunited? What do you think Sara is up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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