The flash forwards are continuing to produce major surprises, but the flash forward this week, wasn’t the only surprise revealed.

*** Spoilers Below ***

When I first saw Candice King‘s cute Instagram post announcing she was pregnant, I thought, what does that mean for Caroline Forbes? Julie Plec has answered my question, she’s writing the pregnancy into the story, which I never imagined would be possible.

VD706a_0903_TR_0034bShe’s a vampire. So I just assumed they would hide it or even worse, we wouldn’t see Caroline for a while, but thankfully, Julie figured out how to handle it. How can twins grow inside of a vampire, though?

We assumed that the Gemini coven were trying to trap Kai again, but they were protecting their babies. Why did they choose Caroline? Did they choose Caroline?

Each week we keep getting more and more questions! Like how does Caroline end up being engaged to Alaric? These pairings in the future are very strange. I would never picture these characters together and at this point, I do not ship these characters.

The writers are certainly pushing the idea of Enzo and Bonnie together and it almost seemed like they would kiss this week. They are going to have to work a lot harder for me to accept the fact that Alaric and Caroline are engaged, though. I’m a huge Steroline fan. I was very upset to find out Caroline never wants to see Stefan again.

We still need to know who this mystery woman chasing Stefan is. Whoever she is, she’s got Caroline and is sending a message to Stefan. If I had to take a guess right now, I’d say it’s mommy dearest. Maybe Stefan succeeds in killing his mother’s man crush, as Damon called him, and Lily is back for revenge.

Of course this is three years in the future, who knows what happens to set off these chain of events.

Is anyone else not liking this future? It’s a very strange place where Enzo is with Bonnie, Alaric is with Caroline and Stefan is burning his beloved car. I’m in no hurry to get to this future, but I do want to know how all of this happened.

The issue at hand this week was taking out Julian, but Damon and Stefan could not agree on a plan. Stefan wanted him dead now and Damon wanted to give his mother six months of happiness before he really broke her heart. Both plans have very different agendas and very different targets, but both were definitely more up Damon’s alley, than Stefan’s.

I’m very concerned how affected Stefan is about the loss of the child he never had. I’m worried that this is what tears Steroline apart, but can I be worried when we know the relationship is doomed no matter what?

It’s very hard to enjoy this couple when you know there is an expiration date. We waited so long for Caroline and Stefan to get together and now we’re just waiting for the unenviable fall out.

Who do you think is the mystery woman after Stefan in the future? How do you feel about Alaric and Caroline being engaged and about Caroline carrying Alaric’s babies? Let me know in the comments below.

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