Agent Carter logoThe SSR added new field agents (unofficially) as Peggy tries to stop Whitney Frost from getting a couple of bombs in order to unleash the power of zero matter.

The new agents are phone operator Rose (Lesley Boone) and Dr. Samberly (Matt Braunger). Peggy decides to recruit them in her efforts to infiltrate a secret Roxxon facility.

Before that, Peggy tries to steal the body of Jane Scott, whose death started this mystery. She thinks the zero matter inside her might help cure the ghostly Dr. Wilkes (Reggie Austin). A piece of it has made him solid, at least for now. He seems to be in tune with the mysterious material. He also learns you should never try and wake Peggy, because she has a gun nearby. She was close to shooting Howard Stark’s picture in his bedroom.

She and Jarvis get to the place where the body’s hidden, and once again their conversations are the best on TV. He Agent Carter Atomic Job Bworries about her heels scratching the paint on Howard Stark’s Woodie, and how being in an air duct is as scary as being in his grandma’s spider-filled attic.

Anyway, Frost (Wynn Everett) and her husband, Chadwick (Currie Graham), get there first, and she’s able to absorb the zero matter from Scott’s body. She also decides she needs an atomic bomb to recreate the Isodyne tests that unleashed the zero matter. That way, they can get real power, and show the Arena Club and the Council of Nine who’s boss. That part really appeals to her. A couple of bombs are in a secret Roxxon facility, and she expects Chadwick to get them. She even asks a mobster named Manfredi (Ken Marino) for some help in exchange for construction contracts  and assurances the press won’t bother him.

Peggy also wants to find those bombs, and Jarvis says he has some useful info because Stark doesn’t like Roxxon or its boss, Hugh Jones (Ray Wise). It’ll take a good disguise and a ditzy American accent to fool him and take his key from the facility, She also has a “memory inhibiter” which seems like portable shock treatment. It’s safe to say she Agent Carter Atomic Job Fuses it on Jones several times, especially since he actually recognizes her at one point. It’s also a little embarrassing because it means taking his belt.

On the personal front, Souza has decided to pop the question to Nurse Violet (Sarah Bolger). He had planned to give her a ring after a dinner that he made at her house, but he fell asleep and lost the ring. Violet still says yes, and Peggy is happy (maybe) for him when she finds out the next day.

Still, there is the mission, and Peggy thinks Rose will do fine in the field, especially when she clobbers a one-man band that apparently got a little fresh. Samberly, meanwhile, just wants some respect and a chance to prove himself. Seeing them doing the slow walk while “Pistol Packin’ Mama” plays is a sight to behold.

Once they get to the Roxxon facility, both Rose and Samberly do just fine. Rose is a better fighter than you’d expect, too. Thing is, Whitney again beats the SSR to the facility, but can’t find the bombs. Peggy’s crew does, but Jarvis finds himself trapped with them. Souza does his best to talk Jarvis through diffusing the bombs, telling him it’s just like taking a souffle out of an oven. Jarvis disagrees, but he succeeds. Agent Carter Atomic Job D

Peggy finally confronts Whitney, and even tells her they could help her from the effects of the zero matter. Whitney prefers the power, and they fight. It’s quite a battle, and Whitney’s surprised the zero matter helps her take a punch. She even burns Peggy’s arm when she grabs it. The fight ends with Peggy falling to the floor and getting impaled with rebar. Some fans feared it was the end of her, but others who have seen recent Marvel movies (Ant-Man, especially) knew otherwise, but were still very worried.

Peggy’s taken to Violet’s house, because Souza and Jarvis don’t trust hospitals or doctors who may be connected with the Arena Club. Peggy recovers, but only barely. The mission reminds Jarvis that there’s always a chance Peggy’s next mission could be her last. It also shows Violet that maybe Souza may care for Peggy a lot more than he claims. That’s interesting because she may try to convince Souza he should be with Peggy. That’s an interesting way to resolve a love triangle.
On the other hand, Peggy still has feelings for Wilkes, and wants to help him. He tells her zero matter comes from a place that’s dark and painful, but doesn’t say how he knows that. However, he’s starting to fade away again.

As for Whitney, she’s determined to get more zero matter, but Chadwick finally puts his foot down and says they can’t do it. However, she and her deadly arm say otherwise. He thinks it’s time the Arena Club to step in and do something. Thing is, how can they stop her?

Next week, it’s a two-hour edition where Peggy has to ask the last person you’d expect for help. By the way, ABC will air back-to-back episodes on February 16th and 23rd, and the season finale March first.


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