Castle returned for the spring with “Tone Death,” with a murder mystery in the theater of Martha’s most recent show.  It was a relief to finally see Castle and Beckett back to a semblance of normalcy and out of their pretty unnecessary separation of the first half of the season.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

tumblr_o236lzkyWk1u0y56uo1_500Poor Martha is traumatized early in the episode, when a girl who works at her theater is found dead in the rafters.  Castle says he will personally work on the case for Martha, since there is a personal tie to the case.  But lets be honest, Castle would have found a way to be apart of the case anyways!  Things also seem to be smooth sailing for Castle and Beckett, which all Caskett fans can be overjoyed about.

tumblr_o29m56Xg921qzky0mo1_500Still not sure why they really feel like they need to have a secret relationship at this point, considering they are married, after all.  Not going to let it bother me though, just happy to see those two back together!  Their secret relationship is adding some pretty humorous, light-hearted moments to the show, which is something I think Castle has been needing.

tumblr_o1khs2vcBh1ticohso9_1280Turns out the murder victim has joined a new crew in an accapella competition, so Castle thinks there may have been some tension between her old and new crews.  Ryan and Esposito are a little too convinced by the secret relationship routine though, and gang up on Castle about what he did and if he’s cheating.  It’s pretty obvious this secret relationship won’t be secret for long.

The episode in general is full of lots of laughs, it doesn’t add a lot in terms of story development but overall it was a pretty good episode.  It’s nice to see Beckett and Castle working together again without all the drama.

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