SHIELD 3 castAt one point in the winter finale of Agents of SHIELD, Coulson and Ward talk while on the blue planet, Maveth. Ward said that the name of the planet doesn’t really mean death, but new beginnings. He also thinks he’s part of some grand plan.

Is Ward right, or does Coulson finally get closure with Ward and avenge Rosalind….or both?


“Maveth” was a fantastic way to finish the first half of the season, as we seemed to have closure to two key storylines, and a hint of where the crew may go from here.

Ward and Fitz spend much of the episode looking for the dangerous Inhuman that HYDRA wants to recruit for its mission of world conquest. They also have a bunch of Inhumans who can serve as its army. Ward is telling Fitz to find this creature or Simmons will be killed. To think, they used to be friends two years ago. Fitz is also the bait, because the creature can smell blood. They find what seems to be a shrine from whatever used to live there, and all Ward says is “Hail HYDRA.” SHIELD Maveth E

Coulson finally wakes up after getting knocked out when he went through the portal last week. However, he sees Rosalind’s (Constance Zimmer) face, and would rather not wake up from the dream. She says he has to, and he does. He thinks he’s in Tatooine (as if we need another plug for the new Star Wars movie), but soon he gets ready for his final contfrontation with Ward.

Back on Earth, SHIELD, along with new agents Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and Joey (Juan Pablo Raba), prepare to invade the castle in England where the portal is located. Mac does a fine job as acting director, keeping cool and using his assets in the best way.

Simmons is also doing the best she can, being feisty in the face of Malick (Powers Boothe) and his HYDRA dreams. She’s able to free herself when there’s a blackout. She also finds Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood), still in his containment unit since he’s Lash. He and Simmons have an argument over what’s happened to him, but she takes a chance and frees him to take care of the HYDRA soldiers. However, he also kills the Inhumans that HYDRA kidnapped. So, that ends the plans for an army.

As for Joey, he finds out he can melt bullets while they’re in mid-air. Neat trick.

SHIELD Maveth DFitz also takes a chance in Maveth to find Will Daniels (Dillon Casey), the astronaut who was stranded there for more than a decade. Ward is convinced Will can be the one to find the Inhuman that HYDRA wants. Will and Fitz talk about what HYDRA wants, and also Simmons. If not for the prospect of a love triangle, they’d be good friends.

Then again, they wind up as a good team, taking care of some of Ward’s crew.

They also find the ruins of a city, and Will talks about how it once thrived until fear drove them to civil war and destruction. How does he know this?

Because he’s not Will Daniels. He’s the Inhuman that HYDRA wants. The real Will died.

Meanwhile, Coulson eventually finds Ward, and greets him with a fist. Ward talks about how HYDRA gave him a father figure and vengeance, but Maveth gave him a new purpose. Coulson responds by shooting him, but it doesn’t phase Ward.

At the castle, they are worried about Fitz and Coulson getting back before the portal closes, and whether the Inhuman creature gets through, too. Still, they hope to keep HYDRA at bay until Fitz and Coulson somehow return. Mac says he’ll stay behind, and makes it very clear it’s best for the team. Daisy, though, wants to stay, and she does.

So there’s two battles going on. Coulson and Ward literally fight to the death, while Fitz tries to stop Will. He finally does with a very special gun that burns Will’s body. Coulson also kills Ward, which may upset some fans. Even though Ward evolved from a prime SHIELD agent to a cruel HYDRA agent, some fans will weep for him.

Still, Coulson had to do what was necessary, as Giles did at the end of season five of Buffy when he had to kill someone who was the bridge to another monster (aka Ben is Glory). He isn’t happy about this, though. Revenge isn’t always satisfying.

Finally, there’s a reunion in slow motion, with a lot of emotions being expressed and hugs being exchanged, especially between Fitz and Simmons. While it’s great they have a chance to be a couple finally, it’s too bad Will died. It would have been great to see a love triangle that didn’t last very long, ending with Will finding someone else. Instead, he died a hero. It’ll take quite some time for the team to heal after this.

As for Malick, he is still alive, and is prepared to retreat. However, some soldiers block the road, led by…

So the Super Inhuman can transfer his spirit to Ward’s body and make its own portal?

This just might worry Lash when he shows up again, unless he’s just as strong as Inhuman Ward. SHIELD will, undoubtedly, also be very concerned.

That’s something to consider, among other things, until the show returns March 8th, 2016. Before then, the second season of Agent Carter (aka Go West, SSR) begins in four weeks.


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