Agent Carter logoPeggy Carter is still upset that what happened at Isodyne last week, and how she got Dr. Wilkes killed due to to the release of zero matter. This week, she’ll learn what forces she’s facing, and why Wilkes may not be dead after all. However, someone else will make terrible choices, and Howard Stark proves to be better in science than in movie-making.


Very quickly, the press has decided Wilkes (Reggie Austin) is a Russian spy just after Peggy finds cash and a ticket to Moscow in his lab. She thinks it’s fake evidence, but Agent Thompson is convinced. He not only arrives from New York, but also fakes a report that fits what the press are saying. He’s says he’s cleaning up one of Peggy’s messes, but it’s the  first of way too many mistakes for him. It looks like his real boss is Vernon Masters (Kurtwood Smith), who encourages Jack to do things that are, supposedly, necessary to protect America.

Meanwhile, Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) hopes to conquer Hollywood, mainly by making movies based on comicAgent Carter Better Angels A books. Peggy thinks that’ll never work, although it is why she’s on TV now. He seems to be enjoying himself, with sunny skies and women nearby. He does agree to infiltrate the Arena Club, so Peggy can plant microphones there. He uses a distraction, namely bringing some girls along, even if they’re normally not allowed. The plan doesn’t work, but she does see the front pages of two L-A newspapers…for the next day. One of them “predicts” Isodyne chief Calvin Chadwick (Currie Graham) will be running for senator unopposed. Looks like the Arena Club determines what news is fit to print.

Jack doesn’t care, and thinks Peggy should be sent back to New York. She accuses him of being a coward and “burying an ugly truth and hoping someone will pin a medal on you.” That, sadly, is why he gives Vernon the Isodyne nuclear test film that Wilkes took. After all, Vernon is telling Jack it’s his patriotic duty.

Agent Carter Better Angels EWhile Peggy’s mad at Jack, and at herself for what she did to Wilkes, she doesn’t notice things are floating around her. However, Howard says it doesn’t mean she got contaminated by zero matter. He’s trying to come up with a process to make all invisible wavelengths, from x-ray to infra-red, visible and recordable. That’s how he hopes to make it big in Hollywood. It’s also able to reveal that Wilkes isn’t dead. He’s sort-of alive, and at least able to explain what the zero matter did to him. Peggy is stunned, and nearly in tears. She knows it’s her fault she got him involved, and she hopes to make this right. Stark is certainly willing to help out, and will skip making movies and sleep if that’s what it takes. He may even head for Peru for a second opinion.

Meanwhile, Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) is wondering what that accident with zero matter has done to her. She has a nasty crack on her forehead, and that’s it. She’s able to hide it from Chadwick, who’s hoping for a successful campaign that seems to get easier. Although Peggy tries to get her to confess that she was at Isodyne that night, she’s able to play dumb, since she is an actress. She even uses tears to convince Chadwick to send someone named Rufus Hunt (Jack Browning) after Peggy.

Hunt does find her clobbering a punching bag she probably named Jack. He almost strangles her while both fall intoAgent Carter Better Angels D a pool, but Jarvis is there to help out. He even improves the security to include a disembodied voice that warns when the door is broken into. He’s a little uncomfortable about that voice. Little does he know.

Back at the office, Souza tells Peggy about an inventor named Agnes Culley who came up with some valuable discoveries for Isodyne. Then she gave it all up…to be a movie star. Yep, she’s now Whitney Frost. This makes her an  interesting character because she knows she can be a bigger star in science than in Hollywood. In 1947, though, her chances of scientists respecting her skills are smaller than her chances of getting an Oscar. So, she’s caught in two worlds that should honor her for what she can do, but won’t.

Speaking of which, Frost is relieved her director (Randy Sklar) was able to keep her in her current movie despite studio executives wanting someone else, until he discovers that crack on her head. She grabs him, causing him to dissolve and wind up in her body. She is now living zero matter. The crack is also getting bigger, so she better finish that movie fast.

As for Jack, he’s just joined the Arena Club thanks to Vernon and a new friend…Calvin Chadwick. However, he also sees that future headline Peggy told him about. So, who will you serve, Jack?

Peggy’s determination to help Wilkes may also lead her to do some questionable things, judging from the previews for next week,

Agent Carter airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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