For once it seemed like everything was going to plan, but when do their schemes ever go according to plan?

*** Spoilers Below ***

Stefan and Damon had a new plan for killing Julian and this time it involved Lily. If only she hadn’t linked herself to Julian and made it more complicated, but I guess everything is complicated in Mystic Falls.

VD708b_0021bI thought the toughest part of the plan would be to turn the Heretics. Then they were all believing what Julian did to Valerie. They were hugging her and saying family sticks together. Everything was going to plan.

Stefan and Damon also were able to get Julian quite easily. It all seemed too good to be true and it was.

The weak link seemed to be Mary Louise. I don’t know if she hates Valerie that much or if she just loves Julian enough to believe him more, but she freed Julian and the plan was ruined.

Things got really interesting here. In our flash forward this week it showed Lily had tied up Damon and had him at the TV station. I was wondering what happened between them to make Lily go after her sons.

VD708a_0122bIn present day, things took a turn for the worst. Julian made Lily choose between Valerie and Damon. Damon assumed she would choose her Heretic family over him, because she’s done it before. It’s hard to trust Lily after everything she has done, but she did something noble, and it was all for nothing.

She thought she was still linked with Julian, but Mary Louise already broke that link. Lily staked herself. I was very confused here, because in the future we saw she was alive.

When we went back to the future we found out Damon had been poisoned with werewolf venom and that wasn’t his mother, it was an hallucination.

I was never worried about Lily because she was alive, or so we were led to believe. We were tricked.

I kind of liked the twist. We thought we were being given something, but we were given nothing. It just meant the writers could surprise us with a death.

This episode showed more of Damon’s bad side. He told his mom: “You made your bed. Have a nice nap.”

VD708b_0235bThese were the last words Lily will ever hear. I loved that Damon said it.

It’s the betrayal that Damon is still feeling between his mother leaving him and putting his girlfriend in a sleeping coma. We do know he will live to regret those words. I love Damon’s layers this season. We’ve got bad boy Damon back, but there’s so much more to him.

We got that great moment with Damon and his mom, albeit a cruel moment. We also got a very sweet moment with Stefan and Lily.

She was giving motherly advice, even if she hasn’t earned her right to do that. Stefan is very forgiving. Probably why he’s been able to forgive Damon again and again. As sweet as their moment was, I still like Damon’s moment with his mother better. Even after she chose to spare both of her kids, nothing is redeeming Lily in Damon’s eyes.

One of the biggest surprises for me was how much Julian really cared for Lily. He was heartbroken she was dead. He unlinked them to protect her. He just seemed manipulative; who knew he actually cared.

VD708b_0288bWe got a nice Steroline moment after a very awkward moment between the two of them. I’m sure telling your vampire boyfriend that you are carrying another man’s kids is not easy to do.

He finally had the right words to say, thanks to his mother. I’m relieved that Steroline live another day, but it’s always in the back of my mind that they are doomed. I keep wondering what will tear them apart. I want to enjoy may favorite TVD couple, but it’s hard when you’re waiting for the enviable fall out.

I love the flash forwards and seeing where everything is going, except for the outcomes of Stefan and Caroline. I’m a little mad at the writers that I can’t totally enjoy this couple.

Now that we know the woman isn’t Lily, who do you think is the woman in the future? What do you think will break Steroline apart? Let me know in the comments below.

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