What convinced Caroline to take on Rossum?

From what we can gather from her first meeting with Adelle DeWitt, and that video form college, Caroline must have been inspired from a professor to make her mark on the world as a protester. It did cost her friendships, and maybe love as well, but what made her determined to be a pesky problem for Rossum?

Why was Paul Ballard so obsessed with the Dollhouse?

We now from the first episode, “Echo” that he was assigned to investigate the Dollhouse even if his bosses are convinced it doesn’t exist. There was mention of Paul having a confrontation with a senator over the Dollhouse, and how sometimes he doesn’t close cases.

My guess was that Paul had a witness that would have sent a very powerful person to prison. Then, the witness denied what he said before, or that he met Paul. Why? Because his memories were removed by the Dollhouse, what else?

What was Adelle’s “worst indiscretion”?

Adelle DeWitt enjoys a lot of perks being the head of the Los Angeles Dollhouse. It even includes “borrowing” an Active to fulfill her needs. Of course, that’s when she poses as “Miss Lonelyhearts” to have the company of a handsome man…namely Victor, who is called Roger. She eventually breaks it off when it interferes with her job. When she tells Matthew Harding, one of the major bigwigs, she can’t let Nolan Kinnard own Sierra (considering he’s the one that turned her into an Active after driving her insane with drugs), he tells her he knows about “Miss Lonelyhearts”, but that was not her worst sin. It makes you wonder what could be worse than using an Active as, to quote a song from the Dresden Dolls, her “coin-operated boy”.

She did work as a scientist in a division that made replacement body parts out of stem cells. Could she have tried to recreate a whole human being that way?

Who was sending those messages to Paul through Echo and November?

Remember the shocking moment in “Man on the Street” when Echo told Paul Ballard the Dollhouse was real? She went on to say he has to find out Rossum’s real purpose of providing Actives, and it’s not just granting fantasies. Then, in “Spy In The House of Love”, Mellie gives Paul another message, revealing the Dollhouse has spied on him, and that she’s an Active.

Once Paul joins the Dollhouse as Echo’s handler, the question of who is giving Paul these messages through the Actives is dropped. It would have been fun to figure out who it was. It may have been Dominic, who was a mole for the government, or Dr. Saunders, or maybe someone we never met

Whatever happened to Senator Daniel Perrin?

This is also an interesting question since you can still find him at Twitter. One of his more recent tweets talks about how Rossum’s headquarters was blown up at the end of “The Hollow Men.” It would be interesting to see if he ever reached the White House as Rossum’s man, but that his administration didn’t turn out as well as it hoped. He would have been the perfect bridge between what happened in the Dollhouse now, and ten years from now.

What happened to Claire Saunders/Whisky?

The last time we saw her was at Rossum, and that Clyde Randolph had taken over her body. Then, she was knocked out just before Echo turned co-founder Boyd Langton into the bomb that would blow up corporate headquarters. However, she was seen at the L.A. Dollhouse a few years later, regaining her identity as Saunders. So, how did she get out, and turned back to normal?

How did the tech wind up destroying the world?

It was thought that the prototype for Topher’s Make Anyone An Active Ray was at Rossum’s headquarters in Tucson. However, it’s not hard to consider there had been extra prototypes safely hidden at other Dollhouses. If Harding and Clive Ambrose made extra versions of themselves by 2010, it makes sense.

Of course, there are lots of other mysteries that may remain unsolved within the ‘verse of the Dollhouse, such as whether FBI agent Graham Tanaka, a guy who thinks Paul’s insane for thinking the Dollhouse exists, may have been a mole for Rossum. What are the back stories for Dominic, Mag, Zone, and Tony and Priya’s break-up?

Well, that’s what fan fiction is for, but it shows the complete Dollhouse saga would have lasted a lot longer than 26 episodes.

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