This coming week Arrow and The Flash crossover in “Heroes Join Forces” this serves as the introduction of Vandal Savage as well as a lead into January’s Legends of Tomorrow beginning Thursday January 21st.  One of the leading heroes in LoT is a resurrected Sara Lance, the White Canary.  Here is her story thus far, as seen on Arrow.

*** SPOILERS for ARROW Season 4 ***

Well before the premiere of Arrow’s fourth season, CW shared that Caity Lotz’s character Sara Lance would return to Arrow and be one of the stars of Legends of Tomorrow.  As a fan of Lotz, and one that believed she owned the role of Canary much better than her little sister, there was a lot of excitement on hearing she was returning and going to get to star as part of the first team TV show of the DC universe.  Of the stars, Lotz clearly has the most experience within the Flarrow-verse and so I was hoping she would take lead or, at least, field point of the team. Sara Lance White Canary PROMO 1

There was lots of speculation on how Sara Lance would return.  The obvious choice was the Lazarus Pit, last seen resurrecting Thea in Arrow season 3, but because Legends of Tomorrow was dealing with time travel and the multiverse. Another theory was that she would have been a Canary from another Earth.  For those who have been watching the fourth season of Arrow, we all know that the future White Canary is the Sara Lance of the present universe who was indeed resurrected in theDC-Legends-of-Tomorrow-Canary-Lazarus-Pit Lazarus Pit after Laurel and Thea made a deal with the current Ra’s al Ghul, Malcolm Merlin.  What was unforeseen to both ladies, even though Merlin warned them, is that Sara’s body was resurrected, but it was without her soul.  Let me clarify, she wasn’t a vampire or zombie, but instead an almost animal like creature with Sara’s fighting skills.

When the ladies returned to Star City, Sara was chained to protect herself and, as they found out soon enough, to protect others, as well.  Laurel was so excited to have her sister alive and home again that she looked past some obvious red flags.  You could see that Laurel believed with all of her heart that it would only be a matter of time before the sister she loved would return of her own volition.   As much as Merlin, and later Damien Darhk, are both liars, their warnings of who Sara would be after her Lazarus Pit experience did come back to haunt Team Arrow and the people of  Star City.

Maybe it is because of her current state, but I personally thought it was crazy to leave her only chained up.  Sara spent years with the League of Assassins Sara-and-Laurel-4.04-640x427so her being able to get free wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.  We also found out from Malcolm earlier that Thea, and now Sara, had blood lust, as does everyone who is healed from the Lazarus Pit.  This lust compels them to seek out those who killed them and execute them, and then the blood lust would be removed.  Unfortunately for Sara, the person who killed her was a mind controlled Thea.  So for her, she started seeking out women who looked like Thea and attempting to kill them.  Thea was even used for bait so that Team Arrow could capture her.

Once Sara was captured, the question became what happens next.  Although devastated by the thought, Laurel and her father both believed it would be best to kill the soulless woman. After all, that person wasn’t Sara, it looked like her physically but there was no life inside of her.

Oliver had another plan, realizing that this went well past any of their expertise, but not that of an old acquaintance of his, John Constantine.   I have to say, if you are not caught up on Arrow this season, “Haunted” is one to stream or watch on matt-ryan-arrow-thecwOnDemand, it is absolutely amazing.  Constantine works very well within Team Arrow, and he introduces magic into the CW’s DC universe that I am sure we will be seeing more and more of with Savage, as well as HawkMan and Hawkgirl on Legends of Tomorrow.  John anchored Oliver and Laurel to Sara so that they along with Constantine could free Sara’s soul from the Lazarus Pit and return it to Sara’s body.  To be honest, I was hoping for a longer fight, but they were able to accomplish what was needed so that Sara could be whole again, body and soul.  Unfortunately, Sara still has the blood lust even after the Constantine experience as was seen the first couple of times she went back into the field with Team Arrow, Sara’s blood lust took over and almost killed multiple ghosts.  As much as she wants her life back as it was before she was killed, as of yet she is learning to control the blood lust.  To that end, Sara has left Star City to visit her Mom in Central City.  I was hoping Sara would have guested on The Flash before this coming week.  It would have been good to see how she operates with Team Flash without Ollie or her sister.

We do know that Caity Lotz is part of the guest stars for “Heroes Join Forces” next week but do not know anything more than that.  She hasn’t been on any promos of the crossover, but has some killer moves on the new Legends of Tomorrow preview that hit the web earlier this week.

Check back for more articles on other LoT characters.  Expect to see something on HawkMan and Hawkgirl, as well as the Atom, and maybe even something on Captain Cold.  Until then, don’t forget to watch the Heroes Join Forces crossover episodes on The Flash, Tuesday, December 1st and Arrow, Wednesday, December 2nd, and look for Captain Cold to make an appearance on The Flash, Tuesday, December 8th.  Both The Flash and Arrow air at 8pm/7 central.  Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday January 21st.


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