Dean is back.  But are we sure that what we have is 100%. Pure. Dean. Winchester.?

OK, maybe it really is Dean…



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Supernatural 14.03 – “The Scar”

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW



So, it seems that Michael has left the building, or rather, the vessel.  No one, including Dean, knows why he left or where he has gone.  And all signs point to Dean being back to his old self:  he hates Sam’s beard (“Duck Dynasty called and they just, they want it all back”), he constantly insists that he is fine no matter what, and within 24 hours, he makes Jack feel like a 98-pound weakling (“I didn’t mean to be a dick”).  Yep, Dean is back — just as he was before… except for one little thing.  The scar on his right shoulder.  What weapon could be powerful enough to hurt Michael?  Looks like a new hunt for Team Winchester.

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

We see Sam slip easily back into the role of Dean Winchester’s little brother, but there is still that part of him that is “Chief” to the rest of the bunker that is still there and I don’t want to see him disappear.  I’m glad that the other hunters see him as their leader and respect him that way.  It will keep him from hiding behind the oh-so-large shadow of his big brother and push him to be the leader (or co-leader) he is meant to be.


Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW


It is always a delight seeing Jodi Mills working with the boys again, too.  And having her on the hunt that reconnects them with the other-dimension killer of her former ward, Kaia, seems fitting.  The fact that the killer looks just like Kaia is unsettling to all but is in keeping with the Winchesters now having to deal with people who look like a lost loved one while being very different from the original.


Dark Kaia is a relentless and skilled fighter and is in possession of the special weapon that injured Michael.  She is also a dream walker like original Kaia and their minds were connected beyond dimensions.  And she is not impressed with either version of Dean / Michael.  Thanks to Michael, she is now Public Enemy No. 1 on the “Monster’s Most Wanted” list so has no interest in helping Team Winchester.  But the fact that she ends up saving them from the vamps that show up to  kill her tells me that she may end up joining the team in some way before all is said and done.  For now, she is a solo act.

Oh and what’s up with Jodi breaking a bone or getting stabbed or somehow severely injured every time she hunts with the Winchesters??

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Castiel continues to act as a father figure to Jack, but Jack is almost ready to throw in the towel.  He packs to leave, but is stopped by the sight of a girl that Castiel is trying to save after she has been enchanted by an evil witch.  The look on Jack’s face says it all — this boy is sprung (she’s enchanted “like Sleeping Beauty” he says).  Change of plans, our little prince has a purpose now.  He must save his damsel in distress.  (Side note:  I love, love, love when the girl, Lora, asks Jack if Castiel is his father and he proudly says, “one of them.”)


The importance of Jack being able to save this young lady is huge and, hopefully, a key turning point for him in his emotional growth.  Here is a situation where angel powers are of no use, so Jack’s lack of powers is inconsequential.  He must think out side the box and find a way to solve this problem with his brain — his most powerful weapon.  When Castiel and the hunter, Jules, fail in their attempt to save Lora with magic, Jack is crushed.  He still thinks that if he had his powers he could have saved her.  But like a bolt of lightning, he thinks of another way to try to save Lora and his idea pays off.  The damsel is saved.  And the “proud papa” look on Castiel’s face in that moment is priceless!

Nice little brotherly sharing moment in the drive back to the bunker.  I’m glad that Dean opens up and talks about the time being possessed by Michael without some dramatic prompting.




Now we can concentrate on the really big worry — what the heck is wrong with Jack???  Coughing up blood is not just another sign of being human!  And how long will it take for someone to notice something is wrong?  Wow, keeping crucial secrets from loved ones… Jack is definitely becoming a Winchester.




Supernatural 14.04 – “Mint Condition”

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW


Panthro kicked my ass…

Time to slice and dice!!



Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

One of my favorite things to watch is Geek!Dean in his element.  His love of the horror genre, superheroes and all things related is a delight to watch.  Since he was pretty much robbed of a normal childhood, it is nice to see the kid-like joy he gets out of being in a comic book shop surrounded by his favorite things.

This was a fun episode with little winks and nods for genre fans everywhere, from the comic book shop (The Big Bang Theory and Comic Book Men), to the know-it-all victim named Stewie (The Family Guy) to Hatchet Man (Hatchet movies).  There were also easter eggs connected to the show and some of the actor’s past roles:  the Red Hood on the mannequin at the comic shop (Jensen Ackles voices the Red Hood in the Batman animated movie with the character).

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW


There are way too many fun easter eggs to mention here.  If you have one that you especially liked, please share it in the comments section.

We see at the beginning of the episode that Dean has been isolating in his room back at the bunker.  This hunt gives him the opportunity to get back in the saddle again.


Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW


It was great to see Dean get to go toe to toe (and win… sort of) with one of his onscreen favorite baddies.  I loved the light-hearted banter between the brothers throughout the whole show. And I love that Sam talks to Dean about coming out of his room more and that Dean agrees.  Oh, and finally, we get to find out the real reason why Sam hates Halloween so much!

All signs point to things getting back to normal — well, Winchester normal.  It’s almost too easy.  Which, of course, means that everything is not even close to normal.

Finally, what was with the security guard finding the David Yaeger / Hatchet Man mannequin in the morgue and it saying “Trick Or Treat” to him?  And the lights going out, just like it down when angels or demons are around.  Hmmm, just a fun moment at the end of the show or is it something more.  Maybe Stewie should watch his back…

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