These siblings have had a thousand years to constantly betray each other, but is one betrayal really deeper than the others?


Klaus has time and time again torn his siblings’ loved ones from them, but apparently he wasn’t the first Original to commit this crime. Elijah broke Klaus’ heart a thousand years ago, with Rebekah’s first sire, Aurora.

OR305A_0019bAurora told Elijah a secret that Klaus hadn’t told anyone but her, that he killed their mother. In anger, Elijah turned Aurora against him. Is turning his girlfriend against him, really a bigger betrayal than killing their mother? I feel like Klaus may be being a little over dramatic. How many times has he killed his siblings significant others? Not saying that Elijah is justified, but he just found out his brother killed his mother, so his anger, is definitely justified.

I had a feeling that Aurora might have been sired by Rebekah. It seemed to fit with everything else we knew. I’m so glad Klaus didn’t sire her. We now how the sire bond works and seeing how unhinged she already is, I don’t think being sired by Klaus would bode well.

Rebekah didn’t intend on siring her. She just saved her life and then Aurora threw herself out a window so she could be a vampire. She was consumed with her love for Klaus and her pain from her brother, that she wanted to become a vampire, back when the term for vampire had yet to be coined.

I also have to mention that Elijah compelling Aurora against Klaus, was the first compel. We are getting a lot of firsts this season. It’s quite interesting watching the origins of vampires.

Can Aurora be trusted? Could she have just planned to turn Klaus against Elijah? It seems like the prefect ploy in this sire line war. But it appears that Tristan and Lucien could be working together, so what is this war really about? It seems to be more the Originals against their sire lines.

These brothers need to be working together and now they’re fighting each other. They are battling it out for a girl Klaus forgot about years ago. There’s been so many girls since then. Klaus, did you forget about Caroline? And your almost girlfriend, Cami, is in some trouble. You might want to forget about a girl from a thousand years ago, when your present girl needs your help.

I really liked Lucien and Klaus as a team last week, but I hated what he did to Cami. He framed her for the murders when Cami wouldn’t even hurt a fly, but why? What is there in it for him? If only Klaus and Elijah weren’t fighting. Klaus could just walk into the station and compel Cami out of jail, but unfortunately, he’s a little busy fighting his brother.

Davina is finally finding her way, with a little help from Hayley. She’s been so lost since she became Regent. I don’t think she was really ready for this role. Not to say that she doesn’t have it in her, but she still has a lot of growing up to do. Hayley had some wise words to give her; that they can’t respect her, until she shows them who she really is. I quite like the real Davina, so I’m happy she’s finding herself again. And I like that the witches may be finding an alliance with the wolves. That’s really what New Orleans needs, all the supernatural beings working together, not against each other.

Hayley and her pack are finally free from the curse, so what’s next for them?

What do you think is going on with this sire line war? Are the lines working together to tear the Originals apart? Let me know in the comments below.

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