Nick continues struggling to decide whether or not to become a Grimm again. What do you think he’ll choose? This week he finally reaches a decision.


Elizabeth recreated the potion Adalind used on Nick, and to “re-Grimm” Nick, Juliette has to make love to Nick in Adalind-form. Nick and Juliette are having a hard time deciding whether this is something they want to do, but they realize if he wants to be a Grimm again, then this is the only way. Speaking of Adalind, she’s still trying to escape the castle with voices stopping her at every corner. She thinks people know where her baby is and also thinks she hears the baby crying.

Grimm - Season 4In our weekly side-murder, a seemingly paranoid woman, Ava Diaz, is in her house with her husband. She takes some pills before bed, but then wakes up in the night and seems to be having some delusions of some weird animal-like creature. The creature tells her to drink something and she does; she runs away, gets in her car, ends up running over someone and crashing the car. The jogger/victim, Jason, lived down the street from the Diazs.

Grimm - Season 4Trubel overhears Nick and Juliette debating whether he should go back to being a Grimm and it gives her some second thoughts about staying with Nick. She tells him if he isn’t going to be a Grimm again she should leave; he has a better chance at a normal life without her living there. Bud comes over to tell Trubel he needs help; he let it slip that Nick wasn’t a Grimm anymore and now Wesen that don’t like Nick have it out for him. A Wesen named Shaw is apparently leading the revenge-quest; Trubel goes off to find him.

Renard tells Elizabeth that Nick’s mom has the baby; she says she’s going to find them. Wu is still making snotty, suspicious remarks to Hank and Nick; it’s a little annoying and I hope someone tells him what’s going on soon, just so he can stop his quest for information. Nick and Hank go visit Ava in the hospital, where her husband tells them she was diagnosed with a severe mental disorder a few months ago.

Trubel confronts Shaw, and he agrees to leave Nick alone. Nick and Hank go and speak with Ava’s psychiatrist and she believes that Ava is in fact seeing this wolf-creature talking to her. In Philadelphia, we see two Wesen chasing after a man, Josh (a deceased Grimm’s son), when he comes home with his father’s ashes and catches them having broken in. Nick shows Monroe a picture of the creature Ava drew, and he says it’s a Wesen called a Luison, which comes from South America (where Ava’s husband said they met and moved to America from).

Grimm - Season 4Back at the hospital, Ava says she doesn’t remember the accident. She says she had an episode and saw the wolf and tried to get away from him. Renard tells Nick he’s going to have to deal with Wu to get him off investigating Trubel. Josh calls Nick to tell him about the two men chasing him, but he gets cut off when the men find him.

Grimm - Season 4The man helping Adalind somehow turns into a key and she uses it to open a door in this maze of a castle. He basically tells her to ignore everything in the room and go straight through the other door, but she hears what she assumes is Diana her daughter, but ends up being a pig. She’s then stuck in the room after getting sidetracked, and ends up falling through the floor. Adalind is back in her cell, and I’m wondering if the last adventure of hers ever happened or was just a delusion.

Grimm - Season 4Monroe goes to the Diaz’s house to sniff around for the Luison; he confirms that he smells that a Luison has been there. Monroe finds the Luison’s clothing and then Ava’s husband, Gabriel, pulls up. Nick says the husband is still at the station and isn’t sure how Monroe is seeing him. Monroe manages to escape out a window, as the second Gabriel is sniffing around the room. They decide that Gabriel must have a twin, and that’s how they’re pulling it off. They think that Gabriel is trying to convince her that she’s crazy so he can get her to kill herself or be institutionalized. Hank knocks out one of the Gabriel’s, but it looks like there are even more than they originally thought; there’s a litter of Luisons. They arrest Gabriel and his brothers and tell Ava he did it for the money.

Nick says he doesn’t want Juliette to constantly have to worry about something bad happening. Nick admits he misses being a Grimm. As Nick and group gets ready to toast, a group of Wesen unhappy about Monroe and Rosalee’s marriage comes and sets a burning sign in their yard. Juliette looks to Nick and tells him she’s ready for him to be a Grimm again.

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