by Mandy Carr

TBS is about to launch it’s first ever police procedural, but don’t expect it to be anything like Law and Order. It’s going to poke fun at all of those procedural dramas out there and according to Rashida Jones, it’s all about the jokes.


The cast (Rashida Jones, Jere Burns Andree Vermeulen) and the showrunner (Ira Ungerleider) of Angie Tribeca stopped by New York Comic Con’s pressroom to talk about their new show. They spoke about all the great guest stars they got to work with: Bill Murray, Lisa Kudrow and Keegan-Michael Key. Ira discussed the work that influenced this ‘absurdity satire’, as he called it, and Andree talked about all the visual gags in the show. Plus Jere brought his son along for the ride.


Check out the videos below to learn more about this new show.








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