by Mandy Carr

Jason Jones and Samantha Bee recently left The Daily Show for TBS and The Detour. The couple has been trying to get this show on TV for a while and found a great home at TBS. Jason and Samantha stopped by the pressroom at New York Comic Con to tease their new show.

Samantha is happy not to be starring on the show so she can star on Full Frontal and because she believes Natalie Zea plays a better wife to Jason than she does.

The former Daily Show correspondents didn’t give too much away from the show, but they did discuss which storylines actually happened to them. Jason also spoke in detail about a scene where they have to explain sex to 11 year olds. Samantha raved about how much creative freedom they’ve had with this show and that TBS has let them go further than they ever imagined possible.

Check out the videos below to learn more about the new show.





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