The season story arc continues in this intense episode of Teen Wolf.  No one is safe this week, not our favorite pack, nor their parents.

**** Spoilers Bellow****

I love how Teen Wolf packs so much goodness into an hour.  There was a lot of momentum from last week.  First off, the steam punk baddies continue to step up whatever their agenda is.  They infected Tracy (Kelsey Asbille) at the end of last week, and this week she went on a killing spree as a kanima. It may be nothing, but from her eyes last week, I thought she was transformed into a wendigo.   Last week, Deaton foreshadows that the rules of the supernatural world are either changing or something is changing them.   The steam punk baddies are starting to create shape shifters, not only Tracy but also Donovan (Ashton Moio), though we haven’t seen how this will affect him.    Tracy Transformed

I know Tracy killed several people, but I actually felt bad for her because this whole mess is connected to her night tremors and knowing that she has been messed with.  Yes she was out of control, but the audience knows it’s not her fault.  At the same time, two huge fights for Tracy, first with Kira who tapped into some amazing kitsune power, probably the next evolution of supernatural side.  I loved watching Kira’s power evolve, but the fight of the week goes to Malia against Tracy which was building up the entire episode.  Malia saw no reason not to kill her.  Just like Kira’s powers evolved so did Malia’s humanity.  Malia could have killed her, but instead I think she saw that Tracy really didn’t know what was going on.

TW 5 Donovan Doctors   I mentioned that Donovan was also experimented which will eventually be bad for Sheriff Stilinski and maybe even Natalie Martin (Lydia’s mother), who tried to go on two dates.  Donovan, introduced last week has been arrested a number of times by the Beacon Hill Sheriff’s office.  He blames Stilinski and wants to kill him.  I am seeing this conflict played out over the next couple of weeks.  I don’t know what Donovan has become, but he has a fury against Sheriff Stilinski.

Still with all of this going on, Malia is given driving lessons by Lydia and Kira.  Stiles finds more information on the Desert Wolf, and Mason is part of the pack tonight for the first time.  He was cracking me up watching him as a newb trying to keep up with everything going on.  Still he is a great friend for Liam.  I was glad that for the most part tonight was a light Theo episode.  We know that he is evil after last week and still with only a few scenes he managed to weasel even more into Scott trusting him.  Theo is Bad News… listen to Stiles, Scott!

Tonight Scott got his answer from the first episode.  I think they all will be finding out soon that things will be getting very bad.  Malia spares Tracy’s life only to be manhandled by the steam punk baddies who can phase/teleport … something.  I think that they want Scott to know they exist, and Malia is the messenger.  I knew that season 5 was going to be huge.  There are so many different stories that will be told this season.  Get ready Teen Wolf fans, the ride is just getting started.

TW S5 Pack 1

New episodes of Teen Wolf air on Monday at 10/9c on MTV.

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