Tonight on Bones, an escaped convict makes a very unpleasant discovery when he runs from the cops and finds a log to hide in. What he discovers is, our murder victim tonight.  We also get to say hey to Wendell, who is battling cancer. It’s great to see him!!!!

****Spoilers Below****

Tonight opens in the shooting range, and it’s my dream, a couple shooting together. Booth is practicing for an exam that is taken every year; although Brennan thinks he should try to study, Seeley isn’t about to become a bookworm, or change his ways. Then the call comes in…..and it’s off to the crime scene. Guess they will have to bicker later!

This corpse is nasty! This body is very bad shape and the insects that once hung out in the woods nearby have made this skeleton their new home. Hodgins has his work cut out for him, and has already figured out that the body is four months out, and it’s a white female.  Wendell is back though, and looking pretty strong……the dream team is on it.  They figure out the woman who passed had Lupus, but it isn’t clear yet if that had a role. Brennan and Camille have both managed to bring up how awful being diseased is, awesome gals. Thankfully Wendell knows how it goes.

Sweets and Booth inspect the crime scene carefully, and once again Sweets is pretty darn helpful. He also is Booth bestie these days and they do discuss this test he’s not worried about, wink wink. This was no mercy killing. Our victim is Abby Briggs, and she was reported missing. Thanks unbelievable technology 😉  So her sister is the first one in the hot seat. We learn her Lupus was very severe and she used weed to medicate. It was legal and she actually worked at a dispensary because she was so grateful for her medication. Off to the “pot store,” as Seeley says.

After talking to the doctor who runs the dispensary, a few different angles have to be investigated, including a young man who harassed her at work once. In the lab, Wendell and Hodgins work together to figure out all they can. Wendell does amazing work and does determine the possible cause of death; he really is amazing. I like how strong they portray him, I have a good friend who is battling cancer and she too, has been an inspiration. Unfortunately, Camille does not feel Wendell can do his job, because he has been using medical cannabis to deal with pain. She fires him, and the team is pissed. I kinda hate her right now too. Wendell meets with Booth and its painful to watch. As a friend he backs him, but does Seeley even really feel that way?? This may change his perception about what’s right or wrong, and what is legal or not.

Upon further investigation, Temperance finds that Abby was illegally growing; right next to the murder scene. Abby was dealing pot at her place of work. That’s a big no no, and we soon find out who killed her…….and no it wasn’t her boss. It was the kid, who once harassed her. He just didn’t like the weed he got from her. More great news; Wendell can come back to work as an independent contractor. Thank goodness because he needs to work and they need him and his expertise. Booth does very well on his exam (better than ever), and Doctor Bray is back in business; and will hopefully beat his disease.



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