Tonight’s episode, as well as the previews for next week, highlight Juliette’s struggle to deal with her new hexenbiest powers. Can Juliette and Nick work out their problems or is it over for good?  We see more of their struggle in “Hibernaculum.”  Also, Nick and the gang chase down a group of heat thief Wesen.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Last week left off with Juliette packing up some of her things and telling Nick she needs to leave and be around someone who knows what she’s going through.  Juliette now confronts Sean about where Adalind is, saying she’s going to kill her.  Then Juliette takes her shirt off and they start kissing.  I guess she has found the person she thinks understands her?

347be5d5787c41e7c14584371e5cc645In the Wesen murder case of the week, a man stops at a woman’s home saying his car broke down and asking to be let in.  She refuses, so he breaks in and attacks her, biting her and doing something that seemingly freezes her solid.  Monroe is still haunted by his time being tortured by the Wesenrein, having flashbacks while working on his clocks; he tells Rosalee you never know how much time you will have.  She asks him what he was thinking about and he said he was thinking of how their time almost ended.  They have a cute moment and Rosalee comforts him and reminds him that they came close, but they didn’t run out of time and they still have plenty of time together.

Nick and crew track down the Wesen who killed the woman and run him into the forest, where he woges and appears to be freezing.  After bringing the Wesen into jail, he seemingly freezes to death in his cell.  Sean wakes up with his chest bleeding again from the bullet wounds and starts having weird visions before he falls to the ground.  When Nick and Hank go through their frozen murderer’s car, they discover receipts for fast food for three people.  It appears he wasn’t alone, but the question is where are his friends?

hibernaculum-grimm-mini-review-and-recap3Another similar Wesen is picked up freezing on the side of the road and tries to attack the woman that offers to take him to the hospital.  Luckily, she fights him off and runs away before he can kill her.  Juliette is sticking to her Adalind vendetta and spies/follows her as she shops for clothes.  Juliette uses some of her new powers to try to move a stone statue off a ledge and crush Adalind, but before it can land on her, Adalind’s bodyguard pushes her out of the way.

-7796673bcc22803aNick and Hank can’t find anything in the books about this type of Wesen, so they talk to Monroe and Rosalee who say it sounds like a Norwegian Wesen known as a “heat thief.”  Rosalee says these Wesen were probably heading to their “hibernaculum,” an enclosed space where they hibernate during the winter.  Juliette shows up at the spice shop while they are all there to talk to Monroe and Rosalee about her hexenbiest problems.  Nick tells Juliette she needs to tell them what has happened, so she woges and freaks everyone out.

The woman8dc01138f8a34da3cdc3681897d9c877 who escaped the heat thief on the highway shows up at the station and tells them about the incident, but it’s too late for him because he has also frozen solid.  The last of the traveling group of heat thieves attacks an unsuspecting taxi driver.  Nick, Hank, Wu and Monroe find the hibernaculum and break into it.  When they enter the basement of the house where the hibernaculum is located, what they find is a lot more of these Wesen than they were expecting.  The Wesen are all laying together in piles throughout this very warm basement area.

The group needs to try to find the Wesen who murdered the taxi driver, without waking up all the others.  That plan fails of course and all of them wake up, eager to try to steal the heat from the group of humans down in their hibernaculum.  Nick and group make a run for it to the car, but they don’t think they can make it so they run for the barn instead, with the Wesen chasing them.  Before they can attack, all of the Wesen start freezing.  They get all of the people back into the hibernaculum and leave them how they originally were.  Their last murderer ends up freezing in the barn, so in a way they got what they came for.

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