Reese goes back to school to teach tactics to police academy cadets. By happy coincidence (not really) the current Number is one of the cadets. Will he manage not to knee cap anyone in the process?



Cadet Dani Silva is the Number of the week. Irony of ironies, she manages to faux knee cap Reese in training, thereby earning his respect.  However, someone wants her dead, at least that’s what appears to be the case at the beginning, but the deeper Team Machine looks into her background the flimsier her story seems. She is gathering intel on her fellow cadets and carrying around a real weapon. Just as they have her pegged as the perpetrator the team finds out that Silva is an undercover cop that is looking for a mole at the academy. As plot twists go, the show has done this head fake before, but what is different this time around is Silva herself. There is something about the character that is compelling to watch, so much so that by story’s end, Silva joining the team would not be unwelcome.


As for Team Machine, Reese has to balance teaching a class, watching over Silva, and dodging his therapist, Iris. It’s quite entertaining watching Reese dance around the probing questions of a very persistent Iris. She got a rude awakening with her prognosis of Reese’s hero complex when she witnessed him saving someone’s life. Now she seems even more curious or maybe she has a crush?

The Shaw and Fusco team up works from an efficiency standpoint since he has the badge and she has the know-how. However, their personalities are so different that they bring comedy relief just being in the same room. Shaw always seems like she is annoyed just breathing the same air as Fusco, but they are genuinely friends. This time out Shaw figures out that the low level thug she hung out with several weeks ago is actually the big boss Dominic.

Speaking of Shaw, she is being hunted by agents of Samaritan. The evil machine can not “see” Shaw due to the hack in its programming, however Greer has gone old school and sent an agent to hunt down Shaw. The agent is using the fuzzy picture Samaritan got from last week’s robbery to question known associates. Also, what is up with Samaritan cameras going dark and it requesting maintenance?   The Machine’s doing? Finch was barely in this outing, but he still found time to go on a top secret errand. What are you up to Harold?


Once its revealed that Silva is a cop, Reese acts like he’s just her backup. She calls him on his military training which is not in his file, but Reese lies to cover for this. He’s not a particularly good liar and that can not be a great trait for a spy. The two go in to grab the academy mole and end up rescuing him from Dominic’s thugs. Best part of the mission is the addition of Bear, complete with grenades and flak jacket. Apparently not only can Bear swim, but he can dive. What? Really? Ok, sure.

Samaritan’s agent manages to track down Shaw at her day job in the department store. A gun fight will like ensue on the next episode, but the question is how did Shaw recognize the agent? Did she just recognize a dangerous adversary? Tune in next week kids, things are getting real.

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