Ian Somerhalder, can you do all of us ladies a favor and stop being so damn sexy? I mean, seriously! It’s incredibly distracting. I’m sitting there trying to focus on the plot of the episode, but all I can think about is your smoldering blue eyes. That’s so wrong dude, seriously!


TVD Do You Remember DamonThe moment we have been waiting for since the season started happened, Damon and Elena were reunited and it was epic, right? Wrong! Elena opened her dorm room and looked at her incredibly gorgeous, not dead boyfriend and felt…nothing, crushing all that Damon held onto. After being heartbroken, Damon goes to see Alaric and finds out that Doctor Jo is holding a benefit dinner and basically invites himself to go. While at the dinner, he sees Elena with Liam and the two come face-to-face. After an awkward altercation between her ex and her new man, Elena tells Damon that she wants to remember them and asks him to take her to last place she told him she loved him, in an attempt to remember what Alaric compelled away.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Enzo have the vampire hunter, Tripp, tied up for interrogation, but this becomes a problem when Sheriff Forbes is taken hostage and threatened should Tripp not be returned to his lackeys. With Stefan’s help, Caroline meets the lackeys and send Tripp over the boarder into Mystic Falls where his neck slices open and he dies. It becomes clear that Enzo had turned Tripp while Stefan was out. But, not before Enzo informed Stefan that his partner in crime, Caroline, had a thing for him. I, for one, am still rooting for a Stefan/Caroline hookup.

TVD Do You Remember Caroline & StefanOn the other side, Bonnie rebuilt the machine that can take her back home, but since the idea of Kai going back with her isn’t one she is willing to accept, she sends her teddy bear back, along with all of her magic. This leaves both her and Kai stuck on the other side, with no way out. However, for Doctor Jo, this might be a good thing, considering it is implied that Kai might actually be her brother. While at her apartment, Alaric sees a nasty scar on her stomach and she reveals that her brother tried to gut her with a hunting knife. Sounds awfully similiar to the brutal murders Kai described a few episodes earlier.

TVD607A_0109b2_article_story_largeBack in the land of the living, Damon takes Elena to a spot right near the boarder of Mystic Falls where he recounts the night she took him there to watch comets. In a desperate attempt to regain her memories  Elena runs across the boarder and, as she begins to drown, some of her memories flash back. Unfortunately, Damon rescues her before she gets them all back and shows, once again, how selfless he can be with her, when he tells her to go live her life and be happy, even if its without him. No! No! No!

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