Oh yay, another villain from the “Batman” universe brought to life in this prequel. Sense the sarcasm. It is cool to see the villains before they were villains, but this show is really piling them on now. This week, we get Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agosto) aka “Two-Face” entering the scene as a young ADA in Gotham who Jim, Montoya, and Allen need to help solve the case of the Waynes murder. He is young, charming, and already playing with his beloved two-sided coin. More on that later…

Last week, Selina Kyle aka young Catwoman showed up at the station waiting for Jim, so Jim decide to take his “key-witness” in the Waynes murders to his loft apartment. FINALLY, someone comments on how nice and amazing his apartment is. Thanks, Selina! He explains it is Barbara’s place – aha! Speaking of Barbara, she is gone! She is gone, girl. HOORAY! Though it makes no sense for her to leave now, instead of when Jim actually wanted her to leave. The girl is a mess and should just stay off the show for a while. Please, show, keep her away! Jim shows little to no emotion about her note (maybe that’s just Ben McKenzie). He also tells Selina she will be staying at Wayne Manor. Maybe he should ask Alfred first? I don’t know.

Meanwhile, in the random baddie of the week storyline, a presumed insane bomb-maker named Ian Hargrove (Leslie Odom Jr.) is being transferred to another prison, but shocker, random Russian gangsters break him out of the armored van and kidnap him. They then force him to make a bomb, so that they can bomb an explosives factory to steal more explosives! KA-BOOM! We’ll come back to this.

Gotham theMeetingCatBatBecause, meanwhile, Jim arrives at Wayne Manor with Selina. He had her describe the man who killed Bruce’s parents, even though wouldn’t Bruce have been a better witness to it all. Didn’t he look directly at the killer? I’m a little confused by that. The sktech resembles an overweight man – Butch? I don’t know. Anyways, Alfred is NOT happy about having to foster Selina. Bruce, however, seems happy about it. They meet for the first time and exchange names. Cat meet Bat. Bat meet Cat. Aw.

Through Montoya and Allen’s help, Jim is introduced to Harvey Dent, the charming young ADA who has a special two-headed coin. We seem him doling out trickery/goodness to a troubled youth. Dent has some great ideas for entrapping a man named Lovecraft (Al Sapienza) who he thinks is behind it all, based on nothing at all. A fun trickery of light momentarily makes Dent look two-faced, which is a fun little wink to all us fans. Dent fully bunkers himself on Jim’s team when he says Jim’s favorite motto about saving the city and making it a better place. Team Go.

Gotham meetingofsortsNow that there are TWO Harvey’s on the show, Mr. Bullock is feeling a bit testy. He’s feeling a bit left out by Jim, who didn’t show up for the briefing on bomb-making Ian Hargrove’s case. Aw, poor Harvey Bullock.  Later, they interview Ian Hargrove’s brother, who claims his brother isn’t evil, but just troubled. This is juxtaposed with his brother working on a bomb. Yeah, he’s not that bad (though at this point we didn’t know he was forced to do it by the Russians).

Gotham boxing

Alfred follows through on his plan to teach Bruce to fight, which means they are going to do a weird old-school boxing thing outside. Selina watches and lays down the truth: that’s not how people fight in Gotham. Alfred acts like a little girl and is all mean to Selina, but Bruce defends her. Alfred then teases Bruce about liking her. Jeezus, Alf, are you the adult here or Bruce, the kid whose parents just died?

After the bombing of the municipal factory, the cops are at a loss for what to do next as their is no evidence. Luckily for them, Edward Ngyma is the best forensics analyzer in town. He  discovers a nameplate in the rubble, that leads Bullock and Jim to an abandoned metal factory, where they find Ian working on a new bomb. He pleads with them, telling them they kidnapped him and are forcing him to build bombs but before they can save him, the Russians break in and they all escape with Ian.

Back at Wayne Manor, Selina and Bruce get to know each other. He keeps asking her tons of questions, including ones about her parents, which upsets her. Alfred even calls Jim to say it’s not working out with Selina. Why does he have such a grudge against a young orphan girl? Jim can’t handle it because he is stressed out about Barbara. Let her go, please.

Gotham youngHarvDent, meanwhile, dragged Dick Lovecraft into his office to bait him with his “key witness” that saw him in connection with the Waynes’ murders. Lovecraft ain’t buying it and basically scoffs in Dent’s face, which sends Dent off his rails. His “crazy side” snaps off and gets in Lovecraft’s face. Whoah, dude.

Back at the Wayne Manor, Selina and Bruce connect again – Selina tells him about her mother, who she claims is a millionaire actress slash secret spy who is on a mission. Um, what? She says she has family everywhere. Okay, then. Then she asks Bruce if he’s ever kissed a girl, or wants to, but this love affair is cockblocked by Alfred’s entrance.

Gotham GCPD

The Mayor is livid about Hargrove’s escape and wants him caught. The Captain is mad at Jim and Bullock for failing to capture Hargrove, too. Bullock connects some of the Russian guys to it and with the help of Nygma (again!). They discover that the one place the Russians are going to try and bomb is the Gotham armory – because they are trying to break through iron with the explosives they stole

Side note: Ngyma is quite possibly becoming the most fun and refreshing of the characters. He has funny quips and solo scenes that provide great character depth and its fun to see him interact with all of the “serious” characters.

So, who are the Russians working for? Fish, of course. She wants to destroy Falcone’s money to make him pay for killing Nikkolai.  The show keeps telling us where we are in the city with captions, which I don’t really think is necessary. I think we can figure it out, am I right here? At the Gotham Armory, the Russians and Hargrove blow up the vault and steal the money, but just before they get away, Jim and Bullock arrive and a stand-off ensues. Unknown to all, a bomb is hooked up to the van, operated by Butch. It blows up, killing all the Russians and destroying the money. Hargrove survives though. Fish is glad to tie up her loose ends and glad to hurt Falcone by destroying his money.

Gotham CallMeCatBack on a completely different show at Wayne Manor, Selina spies Bruce holding his breath underwater, fully-dressed. That seems impractical. He’s teaching himself self-discipline and willpower, but she says that is not enough on the streets. He needs to be mean and ruthless. Later, she throws a donut at him and they get into a food fight, with Selina promising Bruce a kiss if he hits her. She really wants Bruce up on her. Alfred sees them playing and changes his mind. He tells Jim she is a breath of fresh air and can stay. Thank you, Alfred, for not being terrible.

At the police station, Dent pays Jim a visit and tells him his meeting with Lovecraft went great. He thinks Lovecraft knows something and is scared. He’s gonna break. Jim is glad but wants to work together. Meanwhile, the Mayor has initiated a new degree, sending all of the criminally insane to the old Arkham Asylum, including Hargrove. Jim thinks this is terrible news.

But Jim is having a tough time because he misses Barbara. GROAN. He calls her and wants her back though it defies logic and reason. Welp, unfortunately for him, she is naked in bed with Montoya. WHAT! No! This makes zero to no sense. Why? Ugh.

Oh, and in the C-subplot, Oswald is onto Liza. He breaks into her places and smells her things: Lilac. He then goes to Fish’s place and smells Fish: Lilac. Aha, Liza is working for Fish. He’s a regular Sherlock Holmes. He then confronts Liza in her apartment and exposes that he knows she is working for Fish, but scares her into doing as he wishes, which is to continue working for Fish. Liza sucks. Fish picked a terrible “weapon” to do her bidding. She acquieses at the first sign of danger. By the way, Oswald now has his own little theme-song. It’s folksy and fun and I’m loving it.

Let me know what you guys thought of the episode in the comments below. What did you think of Harvey Dent? For an episode with his name in the title, he wasn’t in the episode much. Also,  isn’t Barbara the worst? Are you loving Penguin’s new theme music? And what do you think of Bruce and Selina’s young love? #TeamNgyma.

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