This week is a special two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time! Emma has a huge decision to make, with her magic going haywire. Keep her magic and control it, or get rid of it completely?


OUAT 4.08 Smash the Mirror3The episode starts with a Snow Queen flashback; she goes to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and tells him she wants to make a deal with the sorcerer. She’ll give him his hat back, and she wants a new family; Elsa and another person born with magic (Emma). In present Storybrooke, Emma is still having lots of problems with her magic. Henry, of course, thinks he can solve the problem and tries touching her; this ends badly, with him flying across a forest clearing and getting hurt. He finally runs away after that, at Emma’s insistence. Then the Snow Queen shows up and tries telling Emma she understands what she’s going through, but Emma isn’t ready to be part of the little family the Snow Queen is trying to create and drives off.

OUAT 4.08 Smash the Mirror9Back at Regina’s vault, Robin and Regina are in partial states of undress, apparently having slept together after their big kiss last week. At the Charming’s, they’re all discussing their inability to find Emma, when Henry walks in and tells them about what happened. Elsa relates this back to her own experiences controlling her magic, which leads to an Arendelle flashback. The Snow Queen is trying to poison Elsa against Anna, and tells her Anna was going to use the magic hat on her to take away her powers. Elsa confronts Anna about hiding the hat from her, she puts on a bit of a show, but it turns out she believed Anna all along.

OUAT 4.08 Smash the Mirror6As per usual, Emma goes to anyone but Regina to help with her magic problem, so next stop is Rumpel’s shop. Rumpel tells her the only way to solve her problem would be to take away her magic, permanently. He tells her to meet him at sundown and he’ll have everything prepared. Wow, that doesn’t sound suspicious AT ALL. Come on, Emma!! Finally, Regina has been called by the Charmings and shows up at the apartment with a locator spell and to check on Henry. Emma calls Snow to tell her she’s going to get rid of her magic and fix this. In our Arendelle flashback, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff are looking for the urn to try to get rid of their Snow Queen problem.

OUAT 4.08 Smash the Mirror2This whole happy family thing isn’t really working out for the Snow Queen. Turns out the Snow Queen was hiding, she stops Anna from using the urn against her and locks Anna back up. The Snow Queen uses the spell of shattered sight on Anna and has her go tell Elsa how bitter she is about things Elsa has done. Anna uses the urn on Elsa, then the Snow Queen freezes everything. Gold shows up and takes the urn, saying he’ll give it back when she gives him the hat.

Rumpel goes to talk to the Snow Queen and traps her within the magic of the urn remnants. The dust won’t last long, but it will give him time to betray Emma. Robin tells Will they need to help Regina find out who wrote the storybook. Snow and Charming have a discussion about whether they should try to stop Emma from getting rid of her magic. Charming is for it; Snow says it’s part of Emma, so maybe they need to stop this. Elsa overhears this and decides she needs to intervene; she leaves with the locator spell.

OUAT 4.08 Smash the Mirror10Regina heals Henry and then he talks to her about not feeling useful, since he’s just “ordinary.” She assures him he’s special in his own way, and not to worry about Emma, because “heroes always win.” Hook goes to confront Rumpel, he’s not there and he still can’t get a hold of Emma. He leaves Emma a voicemail telling her the truth about everything. The Snow Queen does some wonky magic through her mirror, causing Emma to crash as she’s driving to meet Rumpel. The Snow Queen appears in some sort of vision and tells Emma not to go to Rumpel.

Regina tells Snow she slept with Robin and that she’s ashamed. As they start talking about it, Charming walks up, and Regina is confused as to why he’s there and not looking for Emma. He tells her how Emma is getting rid of her magic and Regina freaks out. She convinces them not to let Emma do it, but they don’t have the locator spell anymore. The whole gang is now trying to track where Emma has ran off to. Snow and Regina have a heart to heart, and Snow gives Regina a pep talk about not being all evil anymore.

OUAT 4.08 Smash the Mirror11While at the library, Robin finds some pages from the book that weren’t there before. Meanwhile, Rumpel is activating the hat to use it against Emma. Emma talks to Rumpel and he tells her he wouldn’t go in there, but Emma always does the right thing. Hook shows up to stop Emma, but Rumpel ties him up. Elsa has also tracked down Emma, she tells her she has to accept herself before she can control her magic. Emma takes Elsa’s hand and everything calms down. Gold tells Hook he needs the heart of someone who knew him before he was the Dark One, then he proceeds to take Hook’s heart.

Regina meets Robin at the library and he shows her some alternate pages from the storybook that appeared in his satchel. They show what could have happened if Regina met Robin in the pub, they give her “hope” and show she can have a happy ending too.

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