It’s Sunday night and that means that The Walking Dead is all new again but we only have three new episodes before the mid-season break. No! Say it isn’t so! I am not ready for their unfairly long break. Who says we can’t watch a bunch of zombies and Norman Reedus around Christmas time? Anyway getting back to tonight’s incredible episode, holy cow talk about minds being blown!


The-Walking-Dead-season-5-episode-5-Bus-FlipAbraham is determined to get Eugene to Washington, D.C. so he can find a way to cure the disease that turns the dead into the undead, who have killed so many people already. Nothing is going to get in his way and there is also no way in Hell he is going to go backward. Glenn, Maggie, Eugene, Tara, Rosita and Abraham are en-route to Washington via the Church bus they took from Father Gabriel, but they hit a major snag when the bus flips and crashes on the road leaving the group to fight a hoard of walkers and back on their feet to find another ride. They find a town that is seemingly untouched by walkers, well let me rephrase that, the town has it’s walkers, but the stores are still standing.

Meanwhile we begin to see a little bit of Abraham’s background and it is not exactly a pleasant one. He is seen beating a man to death with some kind of canned good and scaring the hell out of his children and his wife. As we jump back into the present the group makes a resting spot in an abandoned bookstore and while Abraham and Rosita are having sex, Eugene is creepily looking on. Of course, he’s caught by Tara and he admits that the-walking-dead-season5-episode5-self-helphe was the thing that caused the bus accident. He’s afraid that if he’s unable to get the cure the group will kill him because he’ll no longer be useful. Come on dude, man up!

The good scientist has been hiding in the shadows of Rosita and Abraham for months and for the first time he gets in on the action when the group happens upon a firehouse full of walkers. Eugene climbs onto a firetruck and turns the hose on the walkers and destroys every last one of them. It appears he’s stepping up his game, it’s about freaking time.

As the group begins to have a little bit of hope they stumble upon a road that holds a stench they can hardly stand. Turns out it’s an entire community full of walkers, I’m The Walking Dead Season 5 Abrahamtalking hundreds of them. Abraham is determined to plow through them but the more level-headed members of the group are not so inclined to go through the death brigade. As chaos ensues within the group Eugene announces a sort of shocking revelation, he’s not a scientist. This means there is no cure and there is no end to the apocalypse or the death. Most of the group doesn’t know how to handle the situation except, Abraham who beats the crap out of Eugene leaving us wondering if the fake-scientist is still alive or not. Talk about intense!

Was Eugene right to lie just to save his own life or should he have just manned up and told the truth from the beginning? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Watch full episodes on, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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