This week Teen Wolf real time caught up with Lydia’s first vision and her using her banshee cry actively.  One of the characteristics of an episode of Teen Wolf is having multiple layers of the story being told layered upon itself.  Tonight was one of the best examples in Season 5.  Your review starts now!


**** Spoilers Below****

   TW 5.12 Scotts PackFor the last several episodes, it has felt like each member of Scott’s pack was going to get an episode focused on them working through their personal journey and coming back into the pack.  We had a Scott and Stiles episode, then we had a Kira centric episode, the whole time Malia and Lydia’s stories were in the background, along with Liam/Hayden/Mason.  Teen Wolf has alpha episodes each year, episodes where so many things happen that it feels like they crammed three episodes in 45 minutes, “The Sword and the Spirit” is an alpha episode, interestingly enough with the lead character only having a minor role this evening.

It seems that this season was etched into history when the Beast of Gévaudan would battle a hellhound, and during that battle death and destruction would lay in their wake.  We saw the battle drawn into the wall, but tonight more is revealed and it matches Parrish’s nightmare.

One of my complaints during the first half of season 5 was there were very few mentors interacting with our pack, and as good as they are, they still need some guidance.  Tonight we saw something very different, all hands were on deck with Argent back, as well as, by the end, Deaton.  We even have Gerard back, though it never made sense why Argent healed him.  The reason for that was revealed this week.  Gerard is the oldest werewolf hunter alive in the Argents family, he has knowledge on the beast that Argent doesn’t. ,TW 5.14 SS -DeucalionDid anyone else catch when Gerard said the only weapon that seemed to damage the Beast of Gévaudan came from a woman with a spear?  *** SPOILER*** We know that Crystal Reed is guest staring in a flashback episode. I am sure she will be the girl using that spear.

I trust Gerard only a little more than I trust Theo, tonight it was seen that Gerard not only knew of the dread doctors but also how to slow them down.  I doubt, though, that he will be sharing that tidbit with Argent or Scott.

Speaking of mentors, or at least men that have select knowledge, Theo and his pack now have a “Deaton or Argent” TW 5.14 Lydia 2as well in the return of Deucalion.

One of the scenes that will lead into next week was Stiles visiting Lydia at Eichon, seeing what no one else does, not even Lydia’s Mom.  It always surprises me how many times
villains or bad guys underestimate Stiles and his power to notice and see what no one else does.  I am sure this leads to our pack trying to retrieve her, basically kidnapping her in the next episode.

Even though Scott had a minor part tonight, it was good to see that he and Liam are working through their issues from the first part of this season.  Liam knows he messed up and doesn’t feel he should have Scott’s trust yet, but to Scott’s credit, he does his best to help Liam understand it’s not about grandiose moments.  It’s about the everyday, having each other’s backs.

This evening shows why Theo has a pack, it’s not because he is an alpha or can be trusted, it’s because he has resources in the dread doctors and doesn’t have the same moral compass as Scott.  Unfortunately, Malia hasn’t wanted Scott’s moral compass and we see tonight what happens when she tries to trust Theo.  Yes, Theo does deliver with where the Desert Wolf and Deaton are, but even with that it is a trap that he set with Malia’s Mom.  One of these days, Malia will realize she can’t turn to Theo, hopefullteen-wolf-season-5b-see-the-beast-and-a-surprising-returny tonight was that night.  We do find out that Malia has part of the Desert Wolf’s power, and she intends to kill Malia to get it back, it is what the trap was for.  In good Teen Wolf style, the Beast of Gévaudan shows up to break up the battle between were-coyotes, he does try to kidnap Deaton, but Malia saves him.

It seems that Scott and Stiles have gotten the pack back together again, even Deaton, along with Argent and Braedon for as long as she will be around.  There’s only two in the
pack that we are missing, Lydia, who it seems like they will be breaking out of Eichon House next episode, and then there is Derek.  We haven’t seen him all season, but we know he will return, we just don’t know how.  It is good to have everyone together again because as we saw a few episodes ago, Theo and his pack do show up for Lydia at Eichon House along with Hellhound Parrish.  Next week could be the first battle of packs.  We know it’s coming, along with Hellhound Parrish battling the Beast of Gévaudan.

Stay tuned Teen Wolf fans, our pack will soon be together again!  Keep watching every Tuesday night on MTV!

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