As the Frozen saga continues in Storybrooke, we get a few more answers as to what the Snow Queen is up to. And Belle comes clean about some secrets she has been keeping and her history with Anna.


OUAT 4.06 Family Business2The episode starts with a flashback to Belle’s past. We learn a little bit more about Belle’s family and past, and that, unfortunately, her mother was killed in the Ogre Wars. Belle, however, has no memory of what happened. She decides to go to Arendelle and pay the rock trolls a visit to see if they can help her remember.

In Storybrooke, everyone is gathered at the police station and Emma is showing them the video with the Snow Queen from her childhood. Everyone splits into teams to go look for the Snow Queen. Belle and Elsa head over to the library to look for answers, but Belle looks like she’s hiding something.

In an Arendelle flashback, Anna meets the Snow Queen for the first time. She tells Kristoff she doesn’t trust her and isn’t sure she even believes that she’s really her aunt. Wanting some answers, she, too, decides to go to the rock trolls for answers. On her way to the rock trolls, she runs into Belle and they decide to head there together. They chat and get to know each other on the trip, and Anna tells Belle about the Sorcerer’s Hat that can strip people of their magic.

OUAT 4.06 Family Business5Hallelujah, Regina and Emma seem to be back to getting along and Regina is no longer shooting daggers at her every few minutes. Regina is even back to calling her “Emma”and not “Ms. Swan,”so you know things are a little better. Regina and Robin run into each other as Regina, Emma, and Hook stumble on the Snow Queen’s ice cream truck in the forest. Robin tries to talk to Regina, but she’s giving him the cold shoulder. Robin asks Regina if he shouldn’t have told her he’s still in love with her. To this she goes on a rant about how she doesn’t know how to get Marion out of her frozen condition and if he wants her back then he’s going to have to fall in love with her again. Regina looks a little upset as she walks off, but she seems to be handling their breakup a little better these days.

At the library, Belle promises Elsa she is going to help get Anna back and she runs off on an errand. Rumple and the Snow Queen have a conversation in the forest, where he tries to warn her, but she says he has no leverage. It’s interesting to see these two villains going at it. Rumple then heads to his shop, which is where Belle also ran off to. She has taken the dagger, which at this point we don’t really know whether it’s the real or fake one, with all the switching Rumple has done. Safe to assume it’s probably the fake one, though. Belle tells Rumple she wants to go find the Snow Queen, he says no and she orders him to show her the way with the dagger.

In the ice cream truck, the group has found some files the Snow Queen has kept on Emma. She has a newspaper clipping from Emma being found beside the road, Emma’s drawings from when she was a kid, and a scroll from another world. In another Arendelle flashback, Grand-Pabbie has given Belle a stone to put in tea to return her memories, and told Anna that the Snow Queen is in fact her aunt. Apparently, her mother had two sisters, Ingrid (Snow Queen) and Helga. They disappeared and the rock trolls erased everyone’s memories of them. As they are leaving the rock trolls, the Snow Queen causes some gusting along the mountain trail Belle and Anna are on. Belle drops the stone the rock troll gave her and ends up letting Anna fall off the cliff because she’s trying to get the stone back first. The Snow Queen shows up, takes the magic hat from Anna and whisks her away to a prison cell.

OUAT 4.06 Family Business3Belle looks into the mirror in the Snow Queen’s lair and it seemingly has the power to turn people against each other. The mirror has a reflection of Belle filling her mind with things (truths) about Rumple. Rumple comes in and whisks her away, telling her the mirror has dark magic and is dangerous. Belle ends up crying and apologizing to Rumple for using the dagger against him and lying to him; she says she knows Rumple would never lie to her. HA! I can’t wait until Belle finds out how many things Rumple has actually lied to her about. He has the decency to look a little remorseful, at least. Later, Rumple goes to the Snow Queen and shows her that he has the hat, and to stay away from the people he cares about or he’ll use it on her.

Elsa has found a family tree in a book in the library, and it appears Emma bears a resemblance to the 3rd sister, Helga. Elsa can also read the scroll, and it turns out the Snow Queen has known the whole time that Emma would be the Savior. The scroll contains a prophecy that the Savior (Emma) would become Ingrid’s (Snow Queen) sister. Belle comes in and tells everyone the secret she has been hiding and that Rumple says the mirror is part of “the spell of shattered sight.”  If she uses the mirror, it will turn everyone in the town against each other. It looks like the Snow Queen’s perfect family is herself, Elsa, and Emma – so they are probably the only ones safe at this point.

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