I used to dread Sunday nights because it meant that the next day I had to go back into the grind and back to work, however, since The Walking Dead came on the air, Sunday nights have been something to strive for. This season has especially been intense and captivating. It’s like you can’t wait for the next one and the next, but know that with every new episode you’re closer to the mid-season finale.



The Walking Dead 5.04 Slabtown BethFinally, we find out what has happened to Beth and where that creepy black car took her. In a tribute to the pilot episode Beth wakes up in a hospital room to find that it is being run by a OCD and semi-psychotic police officer, Dawn, and her group of creepy cops. The two saving graces, it seemed, were Dr. Steven Edwards and the orderly Noah. The problem with this hospital, as all the sanctuaries in the post-apocalyptic world, the leaders want something from Beth. They believe, since they saved her life, she owes them.

Immediately, Beth realizes this hospital is the worst place for her, especially considering everything she takes for sustenance is another addition to what she “owes” the people who “rescued” her. At first she develops a would-be bond with Dr. Edwards who seems to be nice and truly care for her well-being, however when he asks her to give a patient what turns out to be the wrong medicine, killing him because he is another doctor, Beth is less than willing to give the corrupt doctor the benefit of the doubt.

Fwalking-dead-slabtown-emily-kinney-beth-atlanta-600x300urthermore, Beth is involved in an incredibly creepy incident with Officer Gorman, but she definitely got the revenge she deserved when orderly Joan turns into a walker and takes a nice chunk out of Gorman, right in front of Beth. With the crazy runners of the hospital busy with the walker, Noah and Beth literally slip down the elevator shaft into a pit of dead bodies and hungry walkers. Somehow they get out of the shaft of death, but as Noah slips through the gates to freedom, Beth is captured and brought right back to the hospital of crazies.

slabtown_the_walking_deadAfter Dr. Edwards stitches her up, from the beating Dawn gives her, she grabs a set of scissors and looks as though she is going to stab the not-so-good doctor with them. Although audiences were probably saying, “Kill Dawn, kill Dawn!”

As Beth approaches the doctor, a new patient is wheeled in on a gurney and Beth sees a familiar face. It’s Carol, alive, but definitely not in good shape and the entire game has changed for our poor captive.

Despite it’s intense moments and Carol showing up like that, is anyone else a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see who Daryl had hiding in those bushes? If we don’t find out next week I am going to start a “If the bushes person isn’t revealed, we riot,” campaign.

What did you think of this episode? How are the group going to find Beth and Carol? Discuss in the comments below!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. Watch full episodes on AMCTV.com, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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