Picking right back up from last week, Mary’s creepy voodoo doll has found a place in Anne Hale’s bedroom. She has dreams of being in bed with a kissy John Alden. Her father and Mary stand on either side of the bed, talking her head off. She awakes from the nightmare and goes to the mirror, where she thinks she sees black in her eyes. Witchcraft is brewing! The creepy doll turns its head all by itself.


Isaac wheels Bridget Bishop’s recently hung body out of the town. An angry crowd follows. Mary and Tituba watch from their balcony (like always). Mary chastises Reverend Cotton Mather to stop stop standing around and help the people of Salem. Magistrate Hale and Mary have a discussion. Mary is plotting for the next victim, telling Hale he better find out who saw them in the woods ASAP.

Meanwhile, John Alden chastises Cotton for killing two innocents now. There conversation is interrupted by screams from the orphanage. It’s Anne. She is fighting off two thieves. Alden saves the day. Anne is pissed at everyone, especially her father. Alden notices Hale’s ear is maimed, hopefully realizing in this that Hale was the man in the pig head. It’s hard to tell with Alden if he is really connecting the pieces. I blame Shane West. Anyways, Anne thanks Alden for everything while Mary once again watches from her balcony.


Hale goes to the woods to visit the creepy blind man. He tells him that Isaac saw them, but he wasn’t alone and he can’t see the second person. Someone has followed Hale… it’s Alden! Alden searches the creepy man’s shack as “dead” animals open their eyes behind his back. It’s supposed to be scary, but it was quite hilarious. A dog comes to life and attacks Alden, but Hale pulls him out and saves him. Alden questions him about the place and Hale gives a lie. Alden brings up witchcraft, but Hale once again calls nonsense. He subtly threatens Alden to stop asking questions, or he might be accused of witchcraft. Alden gives a fabulous eyebrow raise back.


Back in town, George Sibley is trying to get the bewitching frog out of his throat, but Mary catches him and talks down to him. Isaac arrives and they talk about their pasts, stemming from the “F” scarred on his forehead. Mary says not all scars can be seen, but they exist. Isaac hasn’t seen Abby, the girl he was caught fornicating with, in a long time. Mary tells him to move on. As Isaac is leaving, he is covered in a bag by someone and taken out to the ditch of dead bodies. It’s Pig-Man Hale and a gross hag-like old woman. She puts mud in his mouth and all over his body. Hale questions Isaac about what he saw in the woods and who was with him, but Isaac shouts he was alone.

Hale sets the stage for Isaac to be caught and accused of witchcraft by placing some weird relics in his pocket. Meanwhile, Cotton is back with his favorite whore, Gloriana. She is scared that she might be accused of being a witch, but Cotton assures her that he knows what he is doing. Suddenly, a “drunk” crazed Isaac appears at the whorehouse, attacking whores and shouting things. He shouts that he is Isaac the Fornicator. He runs onto the street and into Alden, who tries to help him calm down. Hale arrives and demands Isaac be apprehended. Mary appears, looking so much like a witch I am wondering how no one else sees it. Hale tells her Isaac saw them. She is pissed and tells Hale to go home now! She tells Tituba she needs to speak with someone named Rose.

Alden tries to convince Cotton to let Isaac out – he is just drunk! Cotton presents the relics Hale planted in Isaac’s pocket as proof of witchcraft. But Alden remains convinced that Isaac is innocent – he was afterall in the woods with him when they saw the mud orgy. Hale tries to speak with Isaac, but Cotton doesn’t allow it.


Meanwhile, in the woods, Mary meets with an older woman (witch) named Rose. They talk about the divide between the old and the new in the witch’s group and about Mary’s troubles with Hale and Alden. Mary wants to know if Rose will stand behind her? Back in town, Alden tries to plead with Mary to stop Isaac from being hung. She doesn’t relent until he reveals that Hale tried to question Isaac. Now she is on his side.

Isaac has a vision of his old flame, Abby, but it is really Mary (floating over her bed), trying to get Isaac to tell her who was with him. After some time, he tells her it was Alden. The next day, Mary goes to Hale and tells him that Isaac was alone (Aw!). Hale still wants Isaac hung, but she does not. They argue, but are interrupted by Anne.

Back at the cell, an awake and lucid Isaac tries to convince Cotton he is innocent. Mary shows up and tells Alden he must stop Hale. Meanwhile, Anne is fed up with her father and tells him she hates him, but he says everything he is doing is for the family. Anne also reveals her hatred of Mary.

Hale arrives at Isaac’s cell, but Alden stand in the way and starts to fight his men. During the fight, Cotton lets Isaac out. Meanwhile, Mary takes matters into her own “metaphorical” hands by feeding a mouse to a snake, which apparently causes the creepy doll in Anne’s room to come to life and make her collapse onto the ground. Hale has to abandon the fight with Isaac to help his daughter. He realizes it is Mary’s doing and rushes to her, telling her to stop it. She tells him to stop all his crap and listen to her. He agrees, for he has everything to lose in the situation. Mary already lost everything that mattered to her. Hale realizes as a parent he would do anything to save his child.

Hale returns to the cell, where he tells Cotton and Alden that a trial is unneccesary and all charges are dropped. Cotton agrees. Alden asks why Cotton helped during the fight and Cotton simply says he wanted a fair fight. Is Cotton becoming a better man? Cotton goes to the whorehouse, where he finds comfort in his favorite whore’s arms. She is glad to hear Isaac is free, but wishes to run away with Cotton. She says he would be doing his father proud, which seems a bit odd to say. In his newfound freedom, Isaac brings flowers to the whorehouse to apologize for his violent outburst.


Mary and Alden celebrate Isaac’s freedom, but Mary tells Alden that if he stays in Salem, she can’t protect him forever. Awkward glances are shared. The episode ends with George Sibley stealing one of Mary’s needles and stabbing his own leg (or the frog? I can’t really tell). What does it mean!?

Things are moving along. Mary certainly is taking charge of her life and her town. Everyone is under her mercy. What will happen next? Comment below with your thoughts!

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