The Walkers are back and despite their hunger for human flesh, I am so excited to see them! It seems like it’s been forever since I saw their gross, bloody faces!




the-walking-dead-s05e01-no-sanctuary-primeiros-minutosTerminus is a sanctuary for all? How about not even close! The Termites have taken Rick, Daryl, Bob and Glen and four other poor souls to a slaughter room. The poor four souls, who were not given names because let’s face it their throats were slashed so fast names didn’t matter, in a way saved they lives of our group. Just as Glen is about to lose all the blood in his body via a clever to the throat, an explosion erupts outside the slaughter room causing the villains, yes they’re even worse than the Walkers, to be distracted. This distraction enables Rick to go into action stabbing one of the butchers in the neck and then totally butchering the other. After freeing Daryl, Bob and Glen, the core four from the series take off in search of the rest of their crew, who are still stuck in the storage unit. After battling many walkers and a few crazy captives, the core four men find their group and take off running for the hills as Terminus burns around them.

Meanwhile a few miles outside of Terminus, Carol and Tyrese have captured a Termite in order to obtain information about the whereabouts of their friend. As Carol goes off in search of Rick and the gang, Tyrese is left with baby Judith and the Termite who threatens Judith’s life sending Tyrese into a rage of which we’ve never seen before. Where was this Tyrese before? He is badass.

40167f1d-a445-194a-5c6a-12a1b0548450_TWD_501_GP_0505_0114As it turns out the explosion that saved the core four men’s lives was caused by Carol, who breached the walls of Terminus and entered the facility with guns and Walkers in tow. She took out more Termites than Walkers and made sure to grab the weapons she knew belonged to her crew including, Daryl’s famous crossbow. As if I didn’t know it, before Carol is absolutely one of the most badass characters on the show.

da1ba39d99cae85cd7f668b03bd8704bFinally, after what felt like forever, the group run into Carol just as Rick was determined to go back to Terminus and slaughter every single person still alive at the facility. This was one of the best moment’s of the episode as Daryl ran to Carol in a reunion fans have been waiting for, for what seemed like months. And then in another tearjerker moment Rick and Carl are finally reunited with baby Judith and suddenly it seems Rick’s “kill them all” attitude finally changes.

However, we’re not done just yet, in an incredibly shocking moment, we see a masked man standing on the train tracks that led to Terminus and it is revealed that…dun, dun duh…Morgan is back!!

What did you think of the premiere? And how about those crazy Termites? Leave your commens below and start the conversation!

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