The Mikaelson brothers are back and still getting themselves into trouble, but who is really shocked by that? Still, they are incredibly easy on the eyes, so at least there’s that.




Poor Cami. She has no idea that she is pouring her heart out to Finn Mikaelson via Vincent the witch’s body. And she just keeps going on about the two men who were unique, also known as Vampires, with whom she shared feelings for. Still, she made a good point when she said that she sees good in Klaus despite all the bad he’s done and clearly there are lingering feelings going on there.

Live and Let Die

Meanwhile, Davina and Mikael are in the backwoods of the Bayou hiding out from Klaus, who now knows his father is alive and well, thanks to the little witch. Since they have nothing better to do than hide out, Mikael decides to train Davina to fight rather than constantly run away and hide. Little do either of them know, Klaus is on his way there to put both of them down. Of course, he isn’t alone, as Cami has taken it upon herself to make sure the original vampire doesn’t kill her friend Davina. However, while dancing with Cami (weird), Klaus gives her the slip and heads up to find Davina and his father alone.


Back in the Quarter, Aiden and his army of wolves are planning on going to war with the vampires, but when Vincent/Finn arrives with children who have the werewolf gene inside them and explains that he will make sure their werewolf side is activated, Aiden has a change of heart. Turns out one of the children is Aiden’s little brother. In order to prevent sending children off to war, the werewolf army leader works with Elijah, Marcel, Hayley and Oliver to ensure the children are safe. Unfortunately, Vincent has also been working with the wolves, but not to get the children, to get Elijah, and he and Oliver are suddenly surrounded. Together, they take down the wolves, but Vincent shows up and captures Elijah, leaving him at the mercy of his mother. But hey, at least we know Oliver is on Team Good now!


Back in the woods of the Bayou, Kaleb has arrived, but not to see Davina, to find the white oak stake. However, when Mikael catches him he promises to rid the original vampire of the spell Davina has on him keeping him with her at all times. So when Klaus shows up for vengeance, Mikael is ready for him. What his father doesn’t know is that Klaus has Papa Tunde’s blade. The Hybrid stabs his father, leaving him in agony in the trunk of his car. But it’s not over yet! Mikael awakens and rips the blade from his chest, still very much in the back of Klaus’ car. This is how some horror movies start! Run, Klaus, run!

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