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How could three people all believe they killed the same man? Their stories are all correct, but they all have alibis. Are they trying to mess up the case with three confessors or do they all actually believe they did it?


This week Castle ventured into Twilight Zone.  All the confessors had a link to a group that claims that they can help you with you personality problems and or obsessions; an EHI Institute, with a Dr. Beaur.  We find that the victim was a rehired actor who had played a role of someone getting shot… a method to empower the clients against their trait they wish to rid themselves of. Only it backfired, and the Institute used every means they had to try to wipe their memory and get themselves clear of the patients that were actually thinking they killed someone instead of feeling empowered. A relative of one the other victims took the opportunity to try to pin an actual murder on the EHI by hiring the same actor from the EHI video… but then actually killed him.

As a separate plot, Alexis is working to exhaustion trying to go to school and pay for her apartment now that her ex-boyfriend has left. Castle wants her back and Beckett questions if it is her keeping Alexis away? Nope. Just pride that Castle was right and Alexis is trying to sleep in the bed she made. Beckett gives her good advice and in the epilogue, Alexis is back in the loft.

I’m glad she will be back. It will be fun to see the dynamic of Beckett and Alexis. Will they ever gang up on Castle? Or be the nuclear family with Martha rounding out the group. Castle was actually at a loss for any outlandish theory that could explain the multi-confessions — a first.  I thought it was clever that the Dr. Tried to “hide” in another country via video feed when interviewed by Beckett and Castle… only to be found down the hall. Tsk tsk. Not nice to play with Beckett.

I’ve notice we’re getting “Caskett” moments each episodes (snapshots of the couple as a couple), so a picture or screenshot will be included in my reviews as long as the trend holds.

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CASKETT MOMENT: “Do I smell coffee?!??” -Castle


Next Week Beckett goes undercover, but will she make it out alive?:

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