This was the episode many fans were waiting for since the previews first aired last week. Maybe it’s because of the phenomenal guest star, or maybe it’s because fans knew this would be the episode to change everything.


 Going RogueBarry Allen isn’t the kind of person who typically gets a day off but when he does he spends his time at Star Labs with his new friends, of course even these days involve testing his limits. As Barry and his friends are enjoying a game of chess, ping pong and operation (yes, Barry is playing all three at once), a robbery begins to take place. This sends Barry zooming through the streets and although he intercepts most of the robbery one of the criminals shoots one of the guards and Barry rushes to get the guard to the hospital. This gives the criminal mastermind, Leonard Snart, (the devastatingly handsome, Wentworth Miller) some insight into the red blur’s psyche. In worse news, Snart has found a way into Star Labs and has stolen a weapon that Cisco made specifically to stop Barry. Talk about betrayal.

TheFlash-104-GoingRogue-3J5354-CW-Stereo_a6e047abf_CWtv_720x400Meanwhile, Felicity Smoak makes her way to Central City to pay Barry a visit, which gives Iris an idea…to set the two adorable nerds up. There is clearly chemistry between Barry and Felicity but there’s one problem, both of them harbor unrequited feelings for someone else. Still, they both agree to participate in a Trivia night with Iris and her boyfriend, Eddie. Of course, they kick ass until the last minute when Barry is alerted of a robbery taking place and he has to rush out on his date and friends. This is an action that working with the Arrow has become regular for Felicity.

At the museum where the robbery is in progress, Barry does his best to stop Snart but since the criminal knows the red blur’s weakness, he shoots a guard with the freeze gun designed by Cisco. Despite his speed Barry is unable to save the guard and is devastated. He also learns that his friend was the one who designed the weapon that prevented him from saving the guard. It is Felicity who needs to put Barry’s broken team back together when Allen decides to go after Snart alone.

the-flash-going-rogue-review-a4462992-1417-4bc9-9b68-456ccbf1b7b3After Barry has saved an entire train full of people from Snart’s destruction Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity must come to his rescue. They bring with them a large weapon that Cisco claims is far more powerful than the freeze gun and he threatens to shoot Snart with it. Having no desire to die, Snart relents and takes off before he finds out that Cisco’s powerful weapon is nothing more than a Star Labs’ vacuum cleaner.

At the end of the day, another criminal is sort of stopped and a powerful team is working as one. The only disappointment was that Felicity left Central City and she and Barry realized they could never be together because they’re in love with other people. Boo!!!

The Flash airs on 8/7c on The CW. Watch full episodes on The, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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