Last  week continued the Frozen saga in Storybrooke with the citizens of Storybrooke finally meeting the Snow Queen! No one is happier than Elsa about this, so she can stop being blamed for all the weird things happening around town. The weirdest thing about meeting the Snow Queen last week was she somehow seems to know Emma. It seems like every week the viewers are left with more questions, but have gotten no real answers yet. Will this week give viewers some of the answers we seek?


OUAT The Apprentice Hook EmmaThe episode starts off with some Captain Swan feels. Emma asks Henry if he is OK with what she is about to do, he says no, but he wants her to be happy. He gives Emma a push, and she proceeds to ask Hook out on a date. He says leave the date planning to him, but accepts. Hook then goes to have another chat with Rumple. He wants his hand back in exchange for not telling Belle about the dagger. Where is Regina when you need her to tell Hook that making deals with Rumple is never a good idea?

Rumple tries warning Hook about the possible prices of taking his hand back, but Hook is having none of it. And, voila! Hook has his hand back. Cut to Emma back at Snow/Charming’s apartment, looking beautiful in a dress and totally ready for her date. She makes numerous remarks throughout the whole date sequence about needing her own place. So, that might be something to come soon. Hook takes Emma to a nice restaurant; she’s just glad it’s not Granny’s. Will Scarlet (Michael Socha) happens to be there and they try to flee quietly, but end up bumping into a waiter, who spills a glass of wine on Emma. Hook gets all ragey and grabs at Will, before Emma tells him it’s okay and he lets him go. Hook stares at his hand for awhile.

OUAT The Apprentice Emma Hook kissEmma and Hook share a sweet goodnight kiss. Hook finds Will and punches him a few times before he realizes what he was doing. Looks like maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to get Rumple to give his hand back? Hook tells Rumple he wants his hook back and to take away the hand. Rumple says he switched the dagger back and the only way Hook is getting the hook back is if he makes a deal with him. Hook agrees after trying to stab Rumple with the hook in another ragey moment.

Finally, we see some other characters, when we visit Regina and Henry in Regina’s vault. They still can’t figure out how to cure Marian. Henry tells Regina he knows what’s up with Robin not being able to wake up Marian with true love’s kiss, because Robin still loves Regina. He asks her, shouldn’t she be happy? She responds that he’s too young to understand. Emma goes off chasing the Snow Queen, but she disappears.

OUAT The Apprentice Anna KristoffIn our Fairytale Land sequences of this episode, we see interactions between Anna and Rumple. Long story short, Rumple’s longterm goal with the whole magician’s hat thing is to rid himself of being controlled by the dagger. Anna manages to get the dagger from Rumple and escapes back home and is reunited with Kristoff. In relation to this, back in Storybrooke, Rumple cashes in on his favor from Hook. Rumple takes Hook to the house of a man, who we met in FTL with Anna, where Rumple sucks him into the hat, so he can use his power.

OUAT The Apprentice Rumple HookRumple then gives Hook his hand back, but says that the hook wasn’t controlling him. It was simply allowing him to expose what still truly is inside him, a dark side. Rumple has a videotape of Hook’s misdeeds from the deal, and says he will show Emma if Hook says anything to Belle. Rumple says that if he loses Belle, Hook loses Emma. And since Hook threatened the only “light in his life,” Hook will owe Rumple as long as he lives. Well, Hook royally screwed up this whole situation. That’s what you get for trying to one up Rumple.

Belle finds Will drunk and asleep in the library, and calls Emma to come get him. Emma throws him in jail and then talks to him about Alice and the white rabbit, having found him with the book on him at the library. He says it doesn’t mean anything to him. Charming tells Emma that the Snow Queen’s name doesn’t appear in any census records, so she didn’t come to Storybrooke through the curse.

Back at Regina’s vault, Henry tells Regina that he may not understand about all the love issues she’s going through, but he is an expert on Operation Mongoose. He says they need to go talk to his grandpa, Rumple, about the author of the storybook. Regina says Rumple wouldn’t tell her even if he knew. Henry says that’s why he’s going undercover. I, for one, am excited to see some interaction between Henry and Rumple finally! It looks like he is going undercover in the form of working for the shop on the weekends. Rumple says he can be his apprentice. Rumple hands Henry the enchanted broom to sweep the floor. I have a feeling this might not go the way Henry is hoping.

As a side note, the previews are insane! Things are getting crazy in Storybrooke.

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