I have only one word to describe last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, GROSS!! I mean a show about zombies is gross enough, but Frank Darabont took the ick factor to a whole new level.


Okay, we have seen some truly disgusting episodes before, but “Strangers” had to be one of the most disgusting and disturbing episodes we’ve seen thus far. The episode begins where last week’s explosive premiere left off, our group trudging through the woods trying to put as much distance between themselves and Terminus as they possibly can. But, the good news? The entire group is back together…finally!


As if they didn’t have enough in their group, they hear cries for help in the distance and despite Rick’s initial hesitation, Carl convinces him that they need to help. Huddled on a boulder surrounded by walkers is a Priest who is, oddly enough, still terrified of the walkers. Umm, hello.  The apocalypse happened years earlier. Deal with it, dude! After being saved, the Priest, who doesn’t sit right with Rick, offers them sanctuary at his church. However, Abraham is insistent that they keep moving, as they have to get Eugene to Washington as soon as possible. In retrospect they probably should have listened to him.


The church and the Priest, Gabriel, seem to be harboring some secrets and one of them begins to reveal itself when Gabriel, Mischone, Sasha, Bob and Rick go to the food bank to collect canned goods for sustenance. They find themselves in a basement that is flooded with water and decrepit walkers. One of the female walkers sets her hunger on Gabriel and he cowers in the corner and practically offers himself up to her. Back at the church Carl has been doing some digging and it turns out that Gabriel did something that even he knows will never be forgiven as the words, “You’ll burn for this,” are etched on the outside of the church. It can be speculated, though not yet confirmed, that Gabriel locked his flock out of the church when the crap hit the fan and those walkers in the food bank basement were the outcome of his fatal decision. Further speculation leads me to believe that perhaps Bob was bitten during the attack in the watery basement because as his friends are celebrating their food win we find him outside alone, crying.

As Bob cries, in relief or devastation, hopefully, we will find out, he is attacked and when he wakes he finds himself surrounded by Gareth and his crew of psychos. Turns out the walkers aren’t the only ones who indulge in human flesh. As Gareth explains that he and his crew don’t want to kill and eat Bob, but they have to, the poor former alcoholic realizes his leg is being grilled on a fire behind him.


Once again we’re left with even more questions. What is going to happen to Bob and what is up with Gabriel?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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