Last week’s season premiere gave us some desperately needed answers about Castle’s disappearance in the season finale, but also left us with many questions. Apparently not even Castle can give us answers, having no memory of the last two months. The whole situation has caused Beckett a lot of heartache and stress, and it doesn’t look like these two will be getting married any time in the near future. Will this week’s episode give us more answers?


The episode starts with Castle appearing on a talk show with Derek Storm posters surrounding him. The host asks him about his books, as well as his own recent personal mystery. Some of Castle’s critics think this was nothing more than a publicity stunt for book sales. From Beckett’s angry questioning last week, to his critics this week, it’s clear Castle is not going to catch a break until the world gets more answers about what happened to him!

The host asks Castle if this were one of his books, wouldn’t amnesia seem a little far-fetched? Doubt that he’ll be reappearing on this show anytime in the near future! Castle offers a $250,000 reward to anyone who can give him answers. In other news, it looks like Lanie and Esposito found their way back to each other while Castle was missing. I always liked them as a couple, so it’s nice to see them back together! In a hilarious moment, Castle kisses Captain Gates after hearing the station (whose number he gave out for his reward calls) has been getting numerous people calling in tips.

The team’s newest case involves a body found in the river; the CEO of a toy company. Castle and Beckett find out their victim, Wallace Williger, had been leaving work early the past couple weeks – at odds with his wife’s statement about him working late the last couple weeks. They go to talk to a Ms. Mendoza who they found record of him talking with on a disposable phone, and he apparently told her his name was Joe Meyers. He hired her to teach him to use theatrical makeup and to change his appearance for research.

Beckett visits Lanie at the morgue and says she feels like there is a shadow between her and Castle now. She’s choosing to trust him, but she’s not sure if she can believe him. She goes on to say they’re both acting like everything is fine, but it isn’t.

Turns out the victim had a dog and a separate apartment. He also got a job as a janitor with his new appearance, at his own company – looks like he didn’t want his employees to recognize him. The dog the victim was keeping was a drug dog and the shipments to the warehouse actually contained drugs. There was apparently a drug ring being run in the warehouse. One of the office employees apparently was in on it, found out the victim knew and killed him to cover it up.

At the station, Alexis brings in a couple who found a picture of Castle talking to the man who had faked his identity and disappeared in the last episode. They say the picture was taken in Montreal; so we now know where Castle spent part of his time while missing. Castle was found with a key sewn into his pants, and they think it may coincide with the fact that in the picture he is coming out of a bank in Montreal.

Castle and Alexis decide to go check out the bank and see if this is a key to a safe deposit box or something like that. At the bank in Montreal, they speak to someone about getting a new safe deposit box, as a cover for going in and using their other key. The man they speak to, who I’d assume is the bank manager, tells Castle he has never seen him, but as Castle walks off he stares at him and it seems the man hasn’t been completely honest. Once they’re in the vault, they use the key and find envelopes addressed to Beckett, Martha and Alexis, which contain a memory card.

Castle returns to the precinct and plays the memory card for Beckett. It’s a video that starts with him saying if she’s seeing this he’s probably dead. He can’t explain, but he’s always loved her. So… no real answers, still. After analyzing the recording, they find out where Castle was staying in Montreal. Castle rushes back to Montreal without saying anything to Beckett.

Castle shows up at what appears to be a warehouse, where someone pulls a gun on him, saying “you weren’t supposed to come back.” It’s finally confirmed Castle isn’t faking it and doesn’t know what happened. He confronts the man, asking him what happened to him and what he knows.

The man says that Castle didn’t want to remember what happened. He brings up Castle’s childhood, and something that happened at Hollander’s Woods when Castle was 11 years old – the REAL reason he became a mystery writer. So, apparently the reason he gave Beckett may not have been completely true? He tells Castle to go home and live his life and pretend this never happened, it’s what he wanted. He returns home and tells his family about the interaction. In bed, Castle tells Beckett they should get married and put this all behind them. Always the voice of reason, Beckett says that she wants to marry him more than anything, but this won’t fix the problem.

It looks like going forward, Castle and Beckett are going to try to put some distance between this situation and their lives. Beckett reassures him that she loves him and isn’t going anywhere.

What did you think of the added twist to Castle’s mystery disappearance? Let us know in the comments!

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