The bald head of Big Jim Rennie opens the show. Is it supposed to be a correlation to the Dome? His bald head, sort of, does resemble the Dome. Please don’t tell me this all takes place within his head. That would be terrible. Anyways, Big Jim has designated himself the new sheriff of Chester’s Mill after Barbie’s disappearance. He goes over to Rebecca’s house, giving her a walkie talkie and an apology for breaking into her house and threatening her (as you do). He calls himself “overzealous” which is the biggest understatement of the show.

Meanwhile, outside the Dome, Barbie’s mysterious father says he is still working on getting Barbie into the Dome, but he can get an email to Julia. How exactly? But, Barbie is happy with that, giving him Joe’s email. Back in the Dome, Joe and Norrie are starting a video blog – because why not? Suddenly, Joe get’s wifi! They rush over to the Sweet Briar to tell a mopey Julia. They show her an email that came from Barbie. The email is very odd and generic and Julia doesn’t believe it, but all of the kids do. Side note: I can’t tell if its the terrible dialogue or the terrible acting, but this scene was just bad).

pauline1Over in Zenith, crazy Lyle keeps saying “in the cards” over and over again. Sam is ready to ditch town, but Pauline urges him to stay. She wants to know the truth, get into the Dome, save Junior, etc. She enlists Sam’s help to “cure” Lyle. Barbie takes the time to wait at the playground where he dropped into Zenith. He notices a camera…the camera links to an intrepid young glasses-wearing man, who takes notice of Barbie. Later on the street, the young man follows Barbie. Barbie quickly picks up on this and catches the guy. The guy reveals he knows everything about Barbie and tells him the email his father sent was doctored. He warns that everyone is watching…

Back at the school, the wifi signal still evades them. Julia is getting more pissy by the second. Joe offers to jump over the cliff. And I’m for it. They have to find a way. Perhaps they should throw a note over the cliff? Good idea.

At the hospital, Sam and Pauline enact their plan to inject Lyle with medicine that might cure him. They steal a key card, then the medicine, and then inject Lyle and wait…

bigJimPower tripping once again, Big Jim rifles through stuff in the police station, only to be caught by his son. Words are exchanged and Big Jim keeps playing the “I’m different” card. Their fight is interrupted by a message from Rebecca. She has to show them something. Someone destroyed the windmill they built two episodes ago to stop the dust! But why?! Before they can investigate, another distress signal comes in – a fire in town! Oh noes!

With help from his new stalker/hacker friend, Barbie breaks into his father’s computer to see the truth about the email. By doing this, he also allows his new friend to hack all up in his father’s stuff. Apparently the hacker dude is the founder of the Hounds of Diana, the mysterious organization we had glimpses of earlier. Tons of photos of the Dome, Barbie, Julia, and more pop up. Barbie’s dad comes in before the upload is complete, but Barbie distracts him before he can figure out what is going on. His dad wants to show him something.

The fire is out! Phew. Someone lit a car on fire right in front of a billboard of Big Jim himself. Who could it be? Big Jim thinks someone is out to get him. Meanwhile, Barbie’s dad takes him to his company, Acteon, and reveals that Acteon discovered a way to get a wifi signal into the Dome, and then sold that technology to the military. It’s risky for them to send messages in, but he assures Barbie he can send another. Then surprise hacker/stalker boy, named Hunter, works for Acteon! Barbie and Hunter act as if this is their first meeting. Barbie sends a coded message to Julia, with a fake story about their first kiss, telling her where to meet him tonight: at Joe’s house. Magically, the wifi signal appears in the tunnel just before Julia tosses her written message over the cliff. She is able to decipher his meaning and knows its really Barbie this time.

barbieAction1After the email is sent, Barbie attacks Hunter in the parking lot, confronting him about working for his father. Hunter assures Barbie he is on his side and wants to know answers about why his dad is after the egg. Barbie makes Hunter help him get back to the Dome.

Big Jim, Junior, and Rebecca work to figure out who is behind the windmill/fire. They gather a list of suspects and go out to investigate. Pig Farmer Tom is super pissed at Big Jim and Rebecca because he blames them for his dead pigs and spoiled reputation, but he probably has alibis. Hm.


barbie1Just outside the Dome, Barbie, dressed as a “David Bradley from Acteon,” approaches, passing the ID/Thumbprint test. His glasses are a great disguise! He joins a military jeep and heads towards the Dome. They pass by protesters and soldiers. What is his plan?

At the hospital, Lyle awakens from his stupor, seemingly calm and normal. He tries to remember, but has a hard time. So, Pauline, Sam and Lyle go for a walk outside. Sam wants to leave and make a life of his own, but Pauline wants all three of them to go back to Chester’s Mill and figure everything out. Lyle doesn’t know what to do, but reveals when he jumped off the cliff, he had the cards…and it’s all in the cards, right?

paulinedwight1As Julia drives to meet Barbie, she is pulled over by a mysterious Big Jim, who questions her. She lies, saying she is going to salvage food from Joe’s house. He gives her a walkie and lets her go. Meanwhile, Norrie, Joe, and Mel are upset that Julia made them stay back this time. They want to help and stop being useless (count me in!).

Later, Junior walkies to his father, but Big Jim gets suddenly hit on the head by none other than drunk Phil Bushey, one-time radio host, one-time sheriff. Phil handcuffs Big Jim to a jail cell and spells out his angers, he’s pissed. Luckily for Big Jim, Rebecca and Junior show up. A fight ensues, and drunk Phil is defeated, Big Jim is free, and life is good…er, not. Big Jim locks Phil away in a cell.

sam1Outside the Dome, Pauline, Sam, and Lyle go through all of the cards. Most of these things have happened already. They come across a red door. The answer. They have to find it… It’s the way into the Dome (I’m guessing).

Julia waits outside of Joe’s house the rest of the day. Initially, she is angry, yelling at the Dome. As night falls, she catches a glimpse of Barbie. They have a heartfelt, but silent, reunion through the Dome wall. Headlights of cars appear in the distance. Barbie writes on the Dome wall that “It’s Not Safe” and tells her “Don’t J…” He was trying to write don’t jump, but doesn’t finish. Hopefully she can read his lips through her tears. Men start tearing Barbie away from the wall. Big Jim watches in the distance with binoculars, looking as sinister as ever. Well, that can’t be good.

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